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23 July, 2010
texicon 2010 wings of war air combat miniatures minis game
texicon 2010 wings of war air combat miniatures minis game
It is WWI and the last of the great dog-fights is taking place.  The skies are
alive with men of steel as they vie for control of the air.  Britain struggles to
maintain its sea power, but who will rule the new domain of power - The
Sky.  These are the battles that some say decided the fate of the world.  How
will it play out when you are in command of the new weapon of war?  The
plane in its infancy takes center stage in these struggles that often go
overlooked.  Not this day!   The grand aces have climbed into their cockpits
and taken war on wings to the aerie heights that only falcons and eagles
knew.  GM:
Steven Duke brought to Texicon an event that had to come.  
Wings of War  
If you missed it or if you don't know how important the plane was to WWI
you should.  Next year you can.
Wanted: two mules for Sister Sarah's
sister.  Now try that three times fast. ;)
texicon 2010 rick loomis Comrade Koba card game flying buffalo
 Chain Reaction 3.0 CR3 texicon 2010 miniatures gaming minis
 Chain Reaction 3.0 CR3 texicon 2010 miniatures gaming minis terrain
texicon 2010 zombies!!! board game gm Jim Perry
texicon 2010 portsmouth miniatures wooden sailing ships miniatures
texicon 2010 portsmouth miniatures wooden sailing ships miniatures
texicon 2010 portsmouth miniatures wooden sailing ships miniatures
texicon 2010 axis and allies board game
flying buffalo icon
texicon 2010 axis and allies board game
texicon 2010 portsmouth miniatures wooden sailing ships miniatures
texicon 2010 board game warlords of europe manufacturer
texicon 2010 board game warlords of europe manufacturer
texicon 2010 Casus Belli Persian Empire 1:50 scale Elephants
texicon 2010 Casus Belli Persian Empire 1:50 scale Elephants
texicon 2010 alderac entertainment group game manufacturer board game
Alderac Entertainment Group was a proud sponsor of Texicon 2010.  This is
a company that understands the value of conventions.  Even though we are
small at this point.  This company and the people who work for it believe in
partnering with those who show promise and have the vision of engendering
gaming in all its myriad forms.  Texicon would like to invite you to check out
this wonderful company.
Click Here

Karl and Kevin Pajak have known these people for many years.

The games that this company offer have a unique and wonderful spin on
board games.  The dynamic nature and the foresight that they have makes
Texicon proud to have them as sponsors of the 2010 Texicon.

We look forward to having them partner with Texicon for many years to
Having trouble with some Russians?  
Stop on by and see Tom "Gadget"
Pimpletone.  No country should suffer
from missing out on this opportunity.

"I forgot right before little big horn
and now look at me." ~ Custer
NOT for
If it flies...
probably a
Guest of Honor Rick Loomis owner of Flying Buffalo
Lost World's Tournament Winners
3rd (Player X), 1st (Ken Burt), & 2nd place (Ken Nickel)
Premier GM: Randy Fant runs Car Wars by Steve Jackson Games
Post convention report:  Texicon 2010 had a total of 120 attendees over all.  Most of them were Full Con badges.  We are proud to have been able to bring Rick Loomis, owner of Flying
also feel that the Seminars proved very useful and effective in providing a platform for information and learning.  As such, Texicon plans to continue hosting Seminars.  We also understand
that there were some problems.  Kevin and Karl want to tell you about the problems that we heard about.  1) not enough space 2) not enough open gaming.  These are the two major
problems.  We want to assure everyone that Texicon 2011 will have more space.  If you have any other comments or concerns please feel free to contact Karl and Kevin Pajak at
texicon@texicon.net and we will be happy to discuss the issue with you.  

Well, Texicon 2010 has come and gone.  We would like to thank all of the people who made it a success.  First and foremost in our minds are the players.  Without you the convention would
have been moot.  You all did an excellent job of enjoying yourselves and making sure other players had a great time too.  Thank you for your involvement in Texicon.

Next, we, Kevin and Karl Pajak, would like to thank all of the GMs who brought excellent games to the convention.  Karl and Kevin know how much time and effort you spent in making your
games great.  

We would also like to thank Ed Teixeira, Pegasus Loft, and
Area 51 for coming and providing so much that we could not.  Ed is one heck of a friendly guy and he added a certain zest to the
con.  Pegasus Loft was magnanimous in its consenting to come from so far with little promise of return.  Area 51 for sharing in the vision we have and supporting us in our dreams.

We would like to thank Rick Loomis from
Flying Buffalo for consenting to be our first Guest of Honor.  Thanks for the fun times and history of gaming you brought to the con.  Both Karl and I
feel slightly jilted that we did not get to spend more time chatting with you.

We would like to thank all of the Game Manufacturers who supported us and believe in the vision of Conventions.  The following were supporters of Texicon.  They appear in no special
AEG, Columbia Games, Hawgleg Publishing, Portsmouth Miniatures, 2 Hour Wargames, Panther City Images, Amarillo Design Bureau Inc., Atlas Games, Reaper Miniatures, Catalyst
Game Labs, Chaosium, Ol' South Pancake House, Lone Star Historical Miniatures, and The National World War II Museum  

We would also like to thank Ken Burt for doing a fabulous job of stepping up to the plate and making sure there were plenty of board games to play.  Hey Ken, Get some sleep! Thank you
to Tory for making Registration run smoothly.  You were the key to freeing up the twins and made them feel at ease so they could do the behind the scenes things they needed to do. Thank
you to Matt Sims for filling in the gaps.  We would have been bailing the boat all con without your help.

We think
Game Wagon was a big hit.  It allowed us to thank all of the players gaming in the spirit of Texicon (friendly, camaraderie, and sportsmanship).  
Ships in action - "Conga line anyone?"
Warlords of Europe
Axis & Allies (Close-up)
The Rajah's elephants charge into battle
Rick Loomis opens the 1st Texicon by cutting the yellow ribbon.
""We did it Bro!," yells Karl Pajak to his brother Kevin.  That was the yell that was heard around
the world as gaming is forever changed
Game Wagon rolls out
Kevin Pajak Rings the Game
Wagon bell while pulling the
Instead of having competitions and raffles
and the other ways conventions hand out
prizes.  We decided that the best method
to hand out prizes would be to reward
players who were having a good time,
staying true to the spirit of camaraderie,
being friendly, having good
sportsmanship, and in general making the
con a better convention just by being
there.  Thus, we devised
Game Wagon.  
Here you see us pulling it around the
convention and passing out gifts/prizes to
attendees who promote the values that
encapsulate the concept of Texicon.  Ok,
we may have given out prizes for other
reasons too, but hey, that is our
Karl Pajak passes out games. Kevin slaves away
pulling it.
"Get to work, Brother Man!" ~Karl.
texicon 2010 zombies!!! board game gm Jim Perry
Zombies!!! - Doin' the dead man
shuffle Perry style.
Master of Horror GM: Jim Perry runs Zombies!!!
Peanuts anyone?
Axis & Allies - Tally the Score
The shipping lanes are now open
Portsmouth Miniatures (Close-up)
Portsmouth Miniatures (Dealer Table)
Karl and Kevin Pajak dedicate Texicon 2010 to Dave and Carol Turrietta who were tireless
advocates for gaming of all kinds.  They welcomed us into their homes and lives.  Their
friendship and guidance in our growth still forms a major portion of who we are.  They were our
best friends and we miss them.  It was a major blow to both Karl and I when they passed away,
and we still miss them.  The gaming community still feels their loss, also.  It is their vision of
gaming that we aspire to bring to all our conventions.  Kevin and Karl want to tell them both...

"Hey guys, we made it!"
Kevin and Karl would like to thank Ol'
South Pancake House for allowing us
to spend countless hours there while
working on Texicon.  

We find the friendly atmosphere and
wonderful food to be a big attraction to
working there in their back room.  If
you have not tried their German
Pancake you must.  People have
driven up from Houston

Ol' South is the official sponsor of
pancakes for Texicon.  Let's face it
folks, gamers love breakfast and Ol'
South bring all gamers the best food
for that gaming stomach.
Click Here
Rick Demos
Comrade Koba
Terrain - Doom Tower of Death
"Hey! Look at that archer.  You go get em' Golfang"
GM: Ron Hamilton & Terrain - Doom Tower of Death
"Where the West Begins"
2010 Special Guest:
Rick Loomis with Flying Buffalow
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