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27 August 2011
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Got those monkey
feeling blues?  We
can help.  
Monkey House
Games.  Getting
people's game on
since 1492.
Columbus are you
going to roll those
dice or what?"
Kevin (left) and Karl (right) hold the Yellow ribbon of Texas/ Texicon for the official 2pm ribbon cutting
Geoff Barton (Premier RP GM) officiates before Jeff Dee and Jack Herman perform the
cutting.  Texicon is about to begin.  The ceremony took place in the
Llano and Pheasant Ridge rooms.  
Fitting, seeing as
Texicon 2011 focused on Role-Play.  So, with high hopes and eager anticipation, the twins
Geoff Barton gives speech. "Hey Geoff, hurry up already!"
Jack and Jeff (special guests from Monkey House
Games) prepare to cut!
Telescope Press
Ad: Leo's costume shope'.  Providing
superheroes with all of their costuming
needs since 1747.  Come in and check
out our super prices.  You need Super
Stretch tops? We have them.  No job is
too small for Leo's alterations.  New
secret identity kits just in.

We are proud to have been able to bring Jeff Dee and Jack Herman, co-owners of Monkey House Games, to the convention.  Also, Paul Cardwell, President of CAR-PGa, was happy to heed our call.  He is truly a shining
beacon of light and hope for the gaming industry.  I, Kevin Pajak, am truly impressed and humbled by this delightful fellow.  It is not often that one finds a public servant dedicated to gaming and improving society at large.  We
hope he will be able to join us next year.  Thank you Paul, and Jeff, and Jack for bringing a special uniqueness to Texicon 2011.

Well, Texicon 2011 has come and gone.  We would like to thank all of the people who made it a success.  First and foremost in our minds are the players.  Without you the convention would have been moot.  You all did an
excellent job of enjoying yourselves and making sure other players had a great time too.  Thank you for your involvement in Texicon.

We would also like to thank the following game manufacturers for giving us con support because they believe that gaming conventions are valuable to gaming.  The following were supporters of Texicon.  They appear in no
special order.  
AEG, Columbia Games, Portsmouth Miniatures, 2 Hour Wargames,  Amarillo Design Bureau Inc., Atlas Games, Catalyst Game Labs, Chaosium, Lone Star Historical Miniatures, GMT Games.  

Next, we,
Karl and Kevin Pajak, would like to thank all of the GMs who brought excellent games to the convention.  Karl and Kevin know how much time and effort you spent in making your games great.  

We thank, from the bottom of our hearts,
Rollin Kearley, our Role-Play Magnate.  His reversed sleep schedule allowed one of our volunteer staff to be on duty at all times.  Moreover, I mean... Did you see the amount of games
play.  Her efforts filled the Board Gaming room to overflowing with games.  In fact, we had to schedule some of them in the miniatures room.  Rollin did so like wise.  Thank you to
Tory Henry for making Registration run
smoothly.  You were the key to freeing up the twins and made them feel at ease so they could do the things they needed to do. And of course,
Jamie Matthews for corralling the general volunteers, who helped behind the

We think
Game Wagon was a big hit.  It allowed us to thank the players who were gaming in the spirit of Texicon (friendly, camaraderie, and sportsmanship).  

Thank you one and all for sharing in the vision we have and supporting us in our dreams.  


Kevin and Karl Pajak
Texicon 2011 is officially open!  Time 2:38pm.  We blame
Geoff & his long winded speech for the lateness. But
crafting a perfect tale is what RPGs are all about.
Karl celebrates a job well done.
RPG Magnate Rollin uses his infamous hand grip to see who
goes first. Bob is clearly worried.
GM, John Manning, prepares for his first Role-Play game.  D&D anyone?
2pm, Registration opens at the top of the stairs to greet
4pm After the initial rush, Registration relocates to its
normal place. Wow, 200ft what an undertaking!
"If it flies it's probably a Buffalo"
Come one come all to Texicon's first Dealer Room.  Texicon had
dealers in 2010, but now, they have a room.  Yes!
Half Price
Books sets
up its booth.
Ed Teixeira joins Texicon once again.  The mastermind of zombies, chariots,
dinosaurs, and quick captures our hearts with his kindness and good fun.
That's right Ed.  We are too
in that we were able to have
a whole room dedicated to
nothing but dealers.  
Need to lose your mind?  
Well then, come on down to
Dark Old Ones emporium
4000 B.C. and still
It begins.  GMs dump their stuff and prepare for their
games on Friday.
Scott Trotter zips into action using his V&V
Friday--He is ready for Board Game action.
GM Curtis Kitchens runs a great game of Fire & Fury.  Horses anyone?
1st cavalry man Thompson spies apples for his
Some strategies involve cover, lots of cover.
Ken gives a storm trooper a piece of his mind during
Gurps Star Wars RPG.
"The ole beard scrape."
texicon 2010 columbia games board icon
Texicon would like to thank
Columbia Games for its
support of Texicon 2011.  
Once again they jumped into
action.  We asked for new
games to demo and they sent
them.  This year we ran
Victory: World War II,
Richard III: War of the
Roses, and Julius Caesar.  

When they found out that we
purchased Julius Caesar so
we could run a Roman game
to match the other games on
us Texas Glory: 1835-36.  
Sadly, we didn't get it in time
to run.  Next year we will.  

One of the reasons why we
love Columbia Games so
much comes from the fact
that they have great games.  
Even better, Columbia Games
understands the importance
of  Conventions and supports
them both large and small.

Boy I'll tell you," said Karl, "we
much support that it's crazy.  They
totally believe in conventions."

"Well, the best thing I can think of
is to put them front and center on
the Prior con 2011 page," replied

So that is what we did.  
Click Here to check them out
Jim gets ready "Play time Now?"
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