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We would like to thank Bill Underwood for bringing back a classic RPG game and producing a special Texicon only edition of his game!  If you didn't pick up a copy you missed out.  We would also like to thank Lyn Stahl; our
painting Diva, Patrick Keith & Michael Brower; hosts of our Sculpting Seminar, Peter Yovich; our staff photographer for taking such great photos and videos

And to our Staff: Tiffany Franzoni (Board Game Magnate), Rollin Kearly (Role Playing Game Magante), Mike Price (Safety Magnate), Jamie Mathews (General Volunteer Magnate), Brian Guarnieri (Assistan Miniatures Magnate),
and Tory Henry (Registration Magnate): Thanks for all you do, we really couldn't make this pig fly without you.


Kevin and Karl Pajak
Prior Conventions
Try new Brukhold's shaving cream.  When is a smooth
shave or your head.  The King deserves the very best.

So, don't lose your head over a small matter.  Burkhold
does it best.  Now with dragon foaming action.  Try Troll
hair sauce too.  Next time, think Burkhold.
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Cthulhu vs Ducky
Karl preps for the miniatures judging contest.
On display: Pendraken Miniatures for the Honor & Arms Tournament.
On display: Pendraken Miniatures for the Honor & Arms Tournament.
GM: CW Karstens hosts
Dragon Valley
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Special Guests
2012 Special Guest:
Bill Underwood
"Where the West Begins"
Prior Conventions
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