"Where the West Begins"
"I'm the tavern keep of the
Red Dragon Inn... FINALLY!"
Mathew Edwards finally gets to serve up his own brew as Tavern Keep of the Red Dragon Inn!
Brandon Webber takes a party on a wild ride in Stellar Horizon's RPG.
Kenneth Wall proudly surveys the battlefield,
dreaming of the carnage that is to come!
Death to them all!
Vance Bonaparte
surveys his territory.
Honor & Arms
Lyn Stahl's mighty collection of minis, during the Flea Market.
- Karl
I'm definitely
coming back
next year!
GM Eric Couch speaks out
Way better
wink con!
Texicon President Kevin Pajak hangs out in
The Rents.
Wesley Hathaway (Mom)
Richard VanZandt
Yep folks, this is the fabled parents of Karl & Kevin.  If you see them wandering the halls
they're probably lost.  Just stop and say "hi" and direct them to the coffee... they'll be ok.
President Kevin Pajak (center) who just won the Plastic Bag game!
Award given by Registration Magnate Tory Henry (left).
This is great!  I've never won
the Plastic Bag game before.  
What a great bag!
Way to go Kevin!
the Plastic Bag game.
Lyn Stahl wins a prize!
2012 Excellence in Miniatures for his
great work on FoW, his outstanding
comradery, and his support of the
miniatures community as a whole.
Thanks again Chris!
Excellence in Miniatures winner Chris Baker
discuss FoW
Above: Texicon Hosted FoW Tournament pictures.
information on the flyer before we mail it out.  When that game store's customer brings the flyer to Texicon it is placed in a drawing for a chance to win $100.00 gift certificate to that game
store.  It is another great way for us to help YOUR local game store.  This year Michael Lewis won.
Here's what Texicon 2012 Flyer Contest Winner, Michael Lewis, spent his $100.00 Gift Certificate on.  Thanks for sending us the picture.
GM Roy Hayes given award by Tory Henry.  Roy entered the Vendor Appreciation contest and
got his card stamped.  He won the $50.00 Certificate and $50.00 in Dealer Dollars.
attend by offering special programs.  This year
"No!" She screamed, "not the leg, anything but
the leg!" as her 'Mech went crashing!
Brings a tear of  joy to my eye
A horrified Lyn Stahl stares at Kevin, for what we aren't
sure.  We believe he told her he was more of a Role
Player than a Miniaturist.
Vendor Mario Smith discusses figures with Reaper Painter Martin Jones.  Mario owns Frontline
Games, maker of great games like Zombie Daze.  For more on their great games please visit
their website,
This year's winner of the Honor & Arms
tournament! Hosted by the game's designer
Vance Frey (Frey Games).  The prize was
sponsored by
Pendraken Miniatures.
Honor & Arms tournament
Bring the power of your vision into reality.  Be a Stormbringer and
light the fires of change in a world torn by darkness and whispers of
power.  You can be great.
I can make this ship zing!  
Remember I had my Russel Z O's
with Rollin Berries!
The new and exciting Heads
dice game.  A challenging
game where players roll heads.

Come play this exciting MOM

Look for the French Revolution
edition coming soon!
A final farewell to the FoW players.  Here's a great close up pick of one of the day's setups.
This year we tried something different... something fun.  Headed by
on a ConGame called "Who Killed Karl".  Yea I died but what the
hey, it was for Texicon.  Taped around the convention were clues
to who did the killin.  Sunday, with Brian leading the charge, the con
attendees who'd been working on the game all made their
guesses.  Some people guessed that Tory did it, others guessed it
was Tiffany, one poor fellow guessed it was Rollin.  Finally GM
Robert Wall came the closest... it was Lyn Stahl!  Robert is shown
left with his prize, $20.00 in Texicon buck!
As the sun sets on Texicon we catch a glimps of Todd and Chris planning next years' FoW
Central Region Challenge.
Each year Brian Guarnieri hosts the Doctor Who Miniatures game.  His terrain and the way he
runs the game are awesome.  Here's some picks from the Sunday Session 2 game.
And to you, the attendee, we want to thank you for coming and having a great time.  This thing we do, named Texicon, we couldn't do without you.  It's why we put
this shindig on.  It's really rewarding to see all the people having such a great time.  We enjoy meeting all the new people, and look forward to seeing you all next
year, and of course... around the game tables.

Karl & Kevin Pajak
The Vietnam War defined a generation.  If you like Flames of War, you might
like to learn and play Tour of Duty for one off games.  A nice change of pace
to those ground pounding FoW games.  

Tour of Duty presents the Vietnam war in all its splendor.  Check it out at
Battlefront website.  
Click Here to look into it.
Mid War, 5 games, 1625 points
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