Maelstrom's Edge by Spiral Arm Studios
Maelstrom's Edge is a next generation, squad based tabletop wargame set in a
gritty and intriguing sci-fi world of desperate survival. We are producing nothing
short of the finest, most engaging wargame on the market. Players will be thrust
into a fast, but deeply tactical game full of choice, action and consequence, where
every moment counts, and where there is always a way to change the game.
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Hurst Conference Center
1601 Campus Drive
Hurst, TX 76054
Phone: (817) 581-0044
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"Where the West Begins"
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Here's what comes in the boxset you'll receive at Texicon for hosting this event. As this is a miniatures game
you will be using the assembled and painted figures from our game library to host this game. Here's what comes
in the full game boxset you'll receive for hosting this great game.
One full box set worth of models - the contents of the Battle for Zycanthus box set, not counting the
terrain you can build!
You will be required to run the game twice during the convention on the days of your choosing.
GM Requirements:
You will receive 12 hours credit towards your full convention badge for hosting the two events.
GM Credit:
Game Master GMing GM Texicon
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