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Hello and welcome to the Texicon home page. To the left, you will find all of the links that you need.  We have an
announcements page that keeps everyone up to date on the latest happenings for the convention.  If something is very important,
we will put it on the home page.
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Dealer Room Hours:
The Vendors are
located inside the
gaming area and will
be open while the
convention is open.
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If you are an artist looking to exhibit your art in Texicon's art gallery please contact our art curator.

Miniatures--------->    Brian Guarnieri    (Miniatures Magnate)             email:
Role-Play  (RPG)--> Brian Neff            (Role Playing)                         email:
Board Games------>  Tiffany Franzoni  (Board Game Magnate).         email:
Artists---------------->  Ray Bradshaw     (Art Curator).                          email:

Curator: "Uncle Greasy"                            email:

Click Here to learn more about being a GM.
North Texas RPG Con is in its

For those of you who are not
familiar with NTRPG Con let us
introduce them.  The NTRPG
Con focuses on old-school
Dungeons & Dragons gaming
(OD&D, 1E,2E, or
Basic/Expert) as well as any
pre-1999 type of RPG
produced by the
classic gaming companies of
the 70s and 80s (TSR,
Chaosium, FGU, FASA,
GDW, etc)
Win $50
to your
game store
Please visit our announcement page for news.
Texicon partners up BIG. Texicon is partnering up with Big Brothers Big Sisters to bring great
games to great people. If you are a Big bring your Little to the show! Entrance is free.
Texicon does it again.  We felt that we needed to help more.  So, we went out and found
Johnathan's Place.  This is a shelter for abused children.  We flung open our doors and asked if
they would like to join us on Saturday for a day filled with fun.  These wonderful struggling kids
need a day where they can forget their troubles.  We wanted to offer them one.  So, let's all
welcome them and if you find yourself gaming with a kid on Saturday, remember.... Win at all
costs.  Err... What I mean is, "make it a challenge for them, and win but be nice about it.
We once again opened up the doors to more children in need.  This time we contacted
Buckner.  Johnathan's Place recommended this organization.  We reached out and they
were over joyed to join us for Texicon 2015.  Please join us in welcoming Buckner's kids.
So, what does it mean to our regular attendees that we have all of these kids on Saturday.  First, we have limited the
number of total children that we can help.  After all, there is only so much space.  So, don't worry.  We have set aside
special tables for them.  These tables will have more kid oriented games.  The children can, if they wish, play other
games.  We are also aware that todays kids are tomorrow's gamers.  So, we felt this would be a great addition to Texicon.  
We hope you do too.  
Texicon continues the
Flyer Contest in 2015

What is it?
 Click Here
to learn more about it.  
You could win $50.
are in a financial bind or who are jobless or who are in need
of monetary assistance.  They may have encountered some
difficulty in life that has given them a setback.  Helping Horns
collects donations which are then given to a gamer in need.

A GM requests his game to be a Helping Horns event.  He
must be approved for his game to be given this status.  
Texicon analyzes the GM and his game.  If approved, he
then sets aside at least four seats that people have donate
money to a gamer in need to play in the game.  There will
also be at least two seats that are free.  This allows the
game to occur if no one wants to donate to play in the game.

The GM suggests a name of a gamer who is in need OR
Texicon looks for a gamer who is in need.  The money is
then given to that gamer.
Kicking off this program, Frank Waugh is recreating the
complete battle of Waterloo.  His event can hold eight
participants.  He has opened four seats to Texicon
Attendees.  This is a first come first served basis.  So, grab
'em before they are gone.

The other four seats can only be filled by people who
participate in the Helping Horns program by donating money.
any person may donate so he can grab one of the four Helping Horns seats.

Donation for each seat is $25.  However, a person may donate more.  If you would like to
donate more, please email us at to arrange it.

Please click this PayPal button to donate $25 to Helping Horns.  
Also, send us an email to to let us know
that you did and to get further instructions.  We will email you to let you know your seat is
reserved in Frank Waugh's game and we will tell him.
Have you ever wanted to Role-Play in history?  Are you a rebel?  Do you love
South America and all the glory of its history?  Well, now you can live it in Paul
Historical Hall Role-Play Game.  Join Paul on Saturday for one of the
most grand experiences you can have.  Join the ranks of the great rebel fighters.  
Save you village -- Save your country -- stop those oppressors in the grand
Mythworld RPG experience.

Quilombos vs. Bandeirantes

Click Here to go to the Historical Hall Role-Play games Details
page for more information on this fab game and our very own
attendee of note:
Paul Cardwell.
Contact webmaster
Hurst Conference Center
1601 Campus Drive
Hurst, TX 76054
Phone: (817) 581-0044
Website   Map (driving directions)
"Where the West Begins"
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