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Special Guests
Texicon continues its 2013, 2014, and 2015 theme.
Table-Top Gaming is Educational
Announcements Page updated on: 27 May 2014

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Friends of Texicon
Lost Worlds Tournament
Friday Noon - Sunday 6:00pm
Lonestar Historical
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Click Here to go to DriveThru RPG to get it.  
RPG western style!

It is a free PDF of the game.
Texicon would like to thank Bombshell Miniatures for consenting to join us in our endeavors to host a great
Click Here to go to its website.
Texicon would like to thank Metalhead Minis for consenting to join us in our endeavors to host a great convention.
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Strike Team
Board Gaming
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Hello and welcome to the Texicon home page. To the left, you will find all of the links that you need.  We have organized them
according to need.  We have an
announcements page that keeps everyone up to date on the latest happenings for the
convention.  If something is very important, we will put it on the home page.
Texicon is looking for GMs.  If you are interested in hosting an event at Texicon please contact the appropriate Magnate.
If you are an artist looking to exhibit your art in Texicon's art gallery please contact our art curator.
Miniatures--------->    John Hovey        (Miniatures Magnate)      email:
Role-Play  (RPG)--> Rollin Kearley     (Role-Play Magnate)       email: texiconrpgmagnate@yahoo.com
Board Games------>  Tiffany Franzoni  (Board Game Magnate)  email: tiffany@roll2play.com
Artists---------------->  Robyn Haley       (Art Curator)                    email: astrorobyn@gmail.com

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Convention Dates: June 27-29, 2014
Texicon Forums
Texicon approved flyer
"Where the West Begins"
Grapevine Convention Center
1209 S Main St.
Grapevine, Texas 76051
Phone: (817) 410-3459
Website   Map (driving directions)
Dungeon Delvers Click Here to go to RPGNow to get it.  
RPG Old School!  Where imagination and Role-Play hold
the key to adventure.

It is a "
Pay What You Want" PDF of the game.
DFW Nerd Night is a great group of
gamers.  They are dedicated to
introducing people to gaming AND
raising money for charities.  This
unique combination of play and help
makes Texicon proud to have them join
us in 2013.  These fun filled people
can take even the most tragic situation
and fill it with joy, thus relieving some
of the burden people are going
through.  For more information, or to
join them in their quest please
Here to go to the DFW Nerd Night
website.  Thank you for helping.

A quote from JR Honneycut
"We Play Games and Help People
that's our motto and our simple
mission. Every month we host an event
called “Nerd Night”, where we play
board and card games to raise money
for local charities. Everyone's invited -
join us!"
North Texas RPG Con is in its
6th year.  Congratulations

For those of you who are not
familiar with NTRPG Con let us
introduce them.  The NTRPG
Con focuses on old-school
Dungeons & Dragons gaming
(OD&D, 1E,2E, or
Basic/Expert) as well as any
pre-1999 type of RPG
produced by the
classic gaming companies of
the 70s and 80s (TSR,
Chaosium, FGU, FASA,
GDW, etc)
Win $50
to your
game store
Texicon continues the
Flyer Contest in 2014

What is it?  
Click Here
to learn more about it.  
You could win $50.
Stan Johansen Miniatures

This company produces
wonderful fun games and
miniatures.  I, Kevin,
personally talked to Stan.  He
is a wonderful fellow and a
caring helpful individual.  If
you are looking for light
hearted fun, then his games
are the place to go.

Click Here to go to his website.
Game Library
Patrick Keith and Bombshell Miniatures
descend on Texicon for Sculpt Jam 3.

Here we see Patrick in his awesome
moment where he sculpts, yet again,
another fab mini.

We hope that everyone stopped by to
learn a few tricks of the trade from
sculpting legend Patrick Keith.

If you haven't, do it now!!!

Click Here to go to Bombshell
Miniatures website.
GM Travis Culp runs a
great game of Pirats
at Texicon.

This game is just
simple fun, one con
goer was reported to

Travis is simp fab said

Mr. BOMB a third
<-- Special Guest Matthew Grau plays
Life Sized Tsuro.  Did we mention
three women fainted at the mere sight
of this AWESOMEness of a guest.

Click Here to see what Matthew Grau
is up to.  Dare I say it???

I can't help my self.  THE Void.  Need I
say more.
Click Here for The Void.
Melinda Pajak plays San Juan a great game.  "I love it.  
It plays just like Puerto Rico, but with cards."~Melinda.
Let me introduce you to an
outstanding Game Designer.  Ty
Oden.  He has a Role-Play game
coming out soon.  Nightlight.  Look
for it in your local stores.

I must stop and say that it has been
my great honor to know Ty.  He is
truly a unique and vibrant
individual.  If you get a chance to
have him GM for you, do it.  You
won't be sorry.  His talent for GMing
AND for game design is amazing.
Texicon 2014... It's on!
Premier GM Vance
Frey demonstrates a
great game.  Honor
and Arms.  This is a
spectacular 10mm
Napoleonics Miniatures

Soon to be revised
and released in your
local stores.
Below are just a few pictures from Friday.  Peter Yovich,
Texicon's photographer, will be getting Kevin photos by next
week.  Kevin will post them here ASAP.
We want to thank everyone for a great 5 years.  This includes the attendees, GMs, Staff, Special Guests, Vendors, Attendees of Note, Paul Cardwell, Lyn
Stahl, Martin Jones, Mark Montgomery for his wonderful Game Library, in alphabetical order by last name Premier GMs: (Scott Clinton, Eric Couch, Steven
Duke, Vance Frey, Jennifer Jarzabski, Brian Neff, Ty Oden, Thomas Sterns), Warmachine Apollo Harden and Zach House, Todd Wikel for Flames of War. We
are also thankful for all the tireless efforts by game stores, gamers, industry professionals, parents, workers, and anyone else who I forgot to mention, without
them gaming would not flourish as it does.

So to each of you we understand that Texicon is where it is because of you all.  Thank you.  It seems like we are growing into something special. Becoming a
Texicon family that has welcoming open arms for new and old friends... Texicon friends.
Here is to five years and many more to come. ~ Kevin and Karl Pajak
Texicon would like to congratulate Thunder O'Brien for winning the Flyer Contest.  We purchased a $50 gift
certificate to his local game store.  The Knix is the store of his choice.
The Knix is a family fun retail outlet for hobby collectibles such as; comic books,
collectible card games, figures, statues, RPGs, Heroclix and posters. We also carry
specialty merchandise relating to comics, movies & tv shows such as; Walking Dead,
Dr. Who, Batman, Firefly, Garbage Pail Kids and so many more . We carry board
games like Settlers of Catan, Munchkin, Pandemic, Risk, Firefly the Game etc. We
even have a small section of used video games and a stand-up arcade game or two!
We offer weekly Magic the Gathering tournaments, Kaijudo tournaments and D&D
Encounters plus you're welcome to come in and sit in our gaming area to play your
own games or one of our store games!
Click Here to
learn more about
the wonderful
things that are
happening at
The Knix