Upcoming Esport Game Conventions

Esports Is the New Future of the Game Lovers

Welcome to the Texicon Conference Center for upcoming Game Conventions. Internet is the mother of all entertainment. And talking about entertainment, sports can’t be left out. Today is the age of esports. With more and more people being driven towards esports, the need for variety in esports increases too. Texicon Conference Centre for Game Conventions offers you a whole range of esports that would take you to a new world of experience with online gaming. So, let’s take a quick look at the major events in the upcoming game conventions.

What is Texicon?

Texicon is a tabletop gaming company founded by Karl and Kevin Pajak in 2009. They have taken tabletop games to a new level by offering a huge variety of games for the players. From classic games like Dungeons and Dragons to wargames like Warhammer 40,000 to traain based game Ticket to Ride, the variety of games on and across the table will never let you select the same game twice if you are a sport. If you are a game publisher, there’s good news for you too, for lexicon keeps looking for new ways to upgrade their library with new games every day.

Upcoming Game Conventions by Texicon

Texicon will be organizing its upcoming game conventions in Fort Worth, Texas, from 20-22 July 2019. For those who will be attending the biggest convention ever, the chief attraction for them will be “Wings of Glory” with new upgraded features of World War-2 fighters and World War-1 bombers which will be demonstrated by Steven Duke.

Each day will be divided into three sessions. And each session will be divided into time slots. There will be a series of board games, miniature games and role-playing games offered in the convention.

The board games consist of the following games namely:

  1. Menu Masters
  2. Tsuro & Asteroid Escape
  3. Roll For It!
  4. Thieves!
  5. Running With The Bulls

The Miniature games consist of:

  1. Strange Aeons (Cthulhu / Horror Skirmish)
  2. Robotech
  3. Critter Commandos
  4. Critter Tek
  5. Blood Eagle (Skirmish Warfare in the Dark Ages)
  6. Darn It!……. and more!!!

The role-playing games consist of:

  1. Sincerely Jade “Time Immemorial”
  2. Pathfinder “PSQ: Silverhex Chronicles”
  3. Dungeon Crawl Classics “Escape from the Purple Planet”
  4. Iron Kingdoms “Hogwash”
  5. Call of Cthulhu “Snarlyothep’s Catnip”
  6. Palladium Fantasy “Choose Your Own Adventure” ….and many more exciting games.

The Increasing Popularity of E-Sports

In the past few years, the frequency of news regarding esports & it gaining popularity has been frequent all over the globe. A lot of multinational firms have invested their resources in developing games with virtual reality & high definition graphics. And that leads to a number of renowned tournaments on them – more interesting even they have got world championship leagues, as well as these games will be practiced in the upcoming game conventions all over the globe. Standing in 2019, esports compete with physical sports shoulder to shoulder in terms of engagement, popularity, competition, revenue & what not.

But the most interesting part of the story is that the casinos & online betting sites have shown a lot of interest them. They have provided virtual gambling a new sphere. Relaxing in your bedroom, you can indulge in betting & gambling for the games of your choice as well as support your favorite team – while on the other hand, you can make some real money at the same time. It also offers you to play mobile casino and bet your money to win a fortune.

Top Gaming Competitions Across the Globe

These new generation multiplayer games with high definition graphics are not only attractive, addictive but actually crazy. And their craze is growing in multiple folds every second. With this, the competition has heated up and there a number of popular gaming tournaments happening in different places around the globe. FACET Global summit, Fortnite world cup 2019, ESL One Mumbai & so on are a few to name. These tournaments are highly challenging have their prize payout value no less than 1 million US dollars, and in some cases, it goes up as high as 4 million dollars.

The next decade would spectate a lot more development & engagement in the video games & esports arcade.

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