Special Guest

Attendees of note for 2011:

Paul Cardwell is Chair of the Committee for the Advancement of Role-Playing Games (CAR-PGa), an international network of researchers into all aspects of the games.
He is creator of the Mythworld game system which attempts to combine traditional fantasy with a logical and realistic world. He is author of numerous articles on RPG,
including three peer reviewed papers for Skeptical Inquirer, Gifted Education International, and Cultic Studies Journal. Game periodicals have included Different Worlds,
Pyramid, Comics and Games Retailer, and the CAR-PGa Newsletter.

We would like to announce that Jeff Dee and Jack Herman inventors of the famous Role-Play super-hero system Villains & Vigilantes will be joining us for Texicon
2011.  Moreover, they are now owners of Monkey House Games.   They will each be running one RPG game.  Commensurate with that, they will also be wandering
around the convention, playing games and chatting with players.  We are excited that the creators of such a fabulous game engine have gotten back ownership of their
game that they created and that they are here to join us at Texicon 2011 for our debut of Role-Play games as our focus for this year’s convention.
Both will also be running a panel discussion at our Seminar table.  Come by and check out their great take and get an ear full of the history of gaming unique to their

See the Role-Play section for more on Monkey House Games and Villains and Vigilantes.

Jack Herman

My Interview with Jack.

“So, tell me Jack, when did it all begin?” asked Kevin.

“I don’t know when I found out I had super powers, but I must have been at “I
don’t know when I found out I had super powers, but I must have been at
jumped.  Boy was I surprised.  I didn’t break any bones.  Year after year I kept
least six.  There I was getting ready to fly off of my parent’s roof, and I
practicing my super powers (for good you understand) getting stronger and
better.  Sometimes people catch me…. late at night… in the shadow of the
moon…  And they see me leap.” Jack leans back in chair and clasps hands
behind his head. “Yep!” he sighs.  “I’m a leaper.”

“And what do you do with these super powers?” asks interviewer.

“Well, I mostly fight evil where ever it rears its ugly head.  You know, like at
the bowling alley.  Have you ever seen all those shoes on the ground?  Now, if
I haven’t seen a place that needs someone who can leap, I don’t know where
else you’d need me.  Then of course, there are those cats stuck up in trees, and
then, one time, NASA needed me to leap to Mir Space Station to take the
astronauts some Tang.  I tell you, the world keeps me hopping.” Jack says
throwing his hands wide in exasperation.

“That is the most amazing history I bet anyone on this planet has,” states

“Oh, there are other super heroes.  But they all look to me and Jeff for
guidance,” Jack smiles.

“That’s right, Jeff.  Ya’ll are a team if I understand correctly,” said interviewer.

“Yes we are.  The most important thing we do together is Monkey House
Games.  Oh the beauty, the simplicity, the fun that we bring to the world
through Monkey House Games.  That is our little secret.  We make the world a
better place one game at a time.  Hey, aren’t you going to interview Jeff?” asks

“That is next week,” replied the interviewer.

Suddenly, a light starts flashing on Jacks wrist.  “Uh oh, I have to leap out of
here.  There is a problem and they need me.  Thanks for the nice chat and the
crumpets.  They were de-lish!”  Jack springs up and leaps through the
window, then he is gone.

“Well, folks that’s all from Kevin the interviewer.  Back to you Chet.”

Jeff Dee
“I am delighted to be able to give this interview.  Jack told me that
you interviewed him last week” Jeff said.”Oh, yes, that’s right.  We had a wonderful chat, but then he had to
leap off somewhere,” replied interviewer Kevin.

“That’s Jack.  Always saving the world,” Jeff chuckled.

“And what about you?” asked the interviewer.

“Well, being an alien from Xexklon 7 has its benefits.  I don’t have
super powers of the normal kind or anything like that.  However, I
can see both in the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum.  More
importantly, I can see time and quantum streams,” Jeff replied.

“Wow! That is absolutely amazing. Do you have a space ship or
something else?” asked Kevin.

“I used to, but I sold it for this really nifty car.  Maybe you’ve heard
of it.  It is called an Izeta.  They are just ducky,” said Jeff excitedly
while he sat up right in his chair.

“I know the car, but surely the space ship is better?” he asked

“There you are wrong.  That Izeta, the structure of the car can be
used with quantum technology to produce a exter-dimensional travel
vehicle,” Jeff said while tapping his forehead to emphasize how
brilliant that idea was.

“What does that mean?” the interviewer asked.

“That means that I can travel between universes.  Which means I can
travel almost instantly anywhere in this universe.  Think of this
universe like a swimming pool, and, when I get out of the pool (i.e.
go to another universe), I can come back into this universe at any
point.  It’s like diving back into the pool.  I don’t have to enter the
pool in the exact same spot,” Jeff said as his eyes glowed purple with

“All this is really fascinating, but how do you use all these powers to
help Jack?” he asked.

“Mostly, we bang around together in my car and look for trouble.
Then we squash it!” Jeff replied.

“What would you say is your most important accomplishment?” the
interviewer asked.

“Oh, that’s easy.  Getting V&V back and forming Monkey House
Games with Jack.  That is more important than anything else I’ve

“Fascinating,” Kevin the interviewer said.  “That’s all the time we
have.  I’d like to thank both Jeff and Jack for their interviews.”

“Thank you for having us,” Jeff replied.

“Great! Back to you Chet,” the interviewer said.