2013 Special Guest

Meznik Kuval

Meznik is the King of Thieves and comes to us from the land of Zanzabar.  His accomplishments
include Stealing the Giant Red Gem from the idol, taking the lightning bolt from a god, and
hoarding greater treasure than a smokie dragon.  His engagement in Elminsthas tower precludes
his involvement in Texicon 2013 but he wishes us well from his tortured dungeon in the Wizard

Autograph requests may be sent to: Elminstha at 1 Wizard Tower Road.
Our Special Guest reflects this new focus.  His name is:
Blake Radetzky
Blake started wargaming back in the mid 60s with Avalon Hills’ Battle of the Bulge. He
collected and played many of the AH games during that time.  In 1976, he discovered
miniature wargames. In the 80s, he often competed in several ancients tournaments a
year.  On many occasions, he was the referee.  He was featured on Channel 2 News
in Baton Rouge with the weather man during a gaming convention. He has helped
organized several gaming conventions in Texas since the 80s. Started several
wargaming clubs and is a current DBA Mentor for the state of Texas. Blake was an
Outrider for Games Workshop for 10 years, and a Valon Marshal for
Flintloque/Slaughterloo for 2 years.
In 1996, Blake started a small mail order business selling Pendraken 10mm
miniatures to gamers in the USA and still does so.He has dabbled in writing wargaming rules.  This led to editing gigs for miniature
rules that were written by other enthusiasts.   Because he is so heavily involved in
miniatures, game manufactures have sought him out to be a playtester for several
miniature rules sets.  In fact, he is so good at playtesting that he was even asked to
do some board game playtesting over the years of his involvement in the hobby.

Blake started teaching wargaming classes to middle school aged students , during

the summer of 1996, and is still doing the classes.  Moreover, he has expanded his reach to two different campus.  These he
teaches during the summer. It has been estimated that he has taught over 2,400 kids to enjoy the miniature wargaming hobby.
This of course took more than one summer.  It took 17 year
This year he has added 2 more classes to the summer program bringing the total wargaming classes up to 15 classes.  He has
even recruited his son, Hunter, to help him.  Now, Hunter will be teaching for the first time this year.Blake is also a volunteer Boy Scout leader and a volunteer Head Coach of a high school boys lacrosse team and a city wide
girls lacrosse team.

As you can see by Blake’s Bio, his dedication to not only miniature wargames, but more importantly to education is humbling.  Someone with a passion to help
children learn this game and history is the perfect choice to kick off our commitment to not only games, but more importantly to education.  Attendees will, of
course, be able to meet Blake, but they will probably have to dig him out of some game he’s in.  Stop by and chat with Blake.  He will also be giving a seminar.
Welcome Blake, and as he’s fond of saying, “Wha happen?”   Okay, maybe he doesn’t say that but heck… I had to get a Mighty Wind quote in here somehow. 😛