All Star Games

Karl and Kevin Pajak dedicate Texicon 2010 to Dave and Carol Turrietta who were
tireless advocates for gaming of all kinds.  They welcomed us into their homes and
lives.  Their friendship and guidance in our growth still forms a major portion of who
we are.  They were our best friends and we miss them.  It was a major blow to both
Karl and I when they passed away, and we still miss them.  The gaming community
still feels their loss, also.  It is their vision of gaming that we aspire to bring to all our
conventions.  Kevin and Karl want to tell them both…

“Hey guys, we made it!”

For those of you that didn’t know Dave and Carol, they owned a game store in Diamond Bar, CA. They were always teaching
people about community, gaming, and how to do things the right way. It is their dedication and vision that launched a great
many people’s career in the gaming industry.
The list of people that worked for Dave & Carol is long. Of great note are:

Da Twins, Karl & Kevin Pajak. Karl was All Star Games’ first employee and Kevin is the last surviving original owner of All Star

Marcelo Figueroa, an industry legend. Works behind the scene these days but is extremely well known.

Matt Wilson, owner of Privateer Press

Bo Bell, retired into regular life but was and will always be a great gamer.

Jeff Caples, soon to be a game store owner in his own right.

Norm Carlson, in the past he helped keep the vision Dave and Carol had for the convention they started, Gamer’s University.
It was a convention dedicated to teaching games, and making the gaming community stronger.

Alfonzo Smith, though not an employee Alfonzo knows games and was a great friend of the store, Dave & Carol, and all of us.
His favorite saying is “Hey! You don’t play the box”. He’s right ya know… open that sucker up and get to playing games!

And so many more great people.

To the All Star Family we welcome you to our little corner of the world, a game convention following in the foot steps of giants.

All the best,

Karl & Kevin “Da Twins” Pajak