Warlord Games Bolt Action National Qualifier Tournament

3 easy steps to register for the Bolt Action Tournament

Note: The Bolt Action National Qualifier will take place in the North Wing of the Upstairs Hall.

1. Click on payment link below and pay for your Bolt Action Tournament badge. Note: Please
don’t sign-up for events until you have paid for your Texicon badge (below). It may prevent
you from being able to participate in the Tournament.

2. You will now need to create an account/register (or log into the site if you already have a
free account) at http://boltaction.easyarmy.com/index.aspx. Once you’ve registered for an
account (which is free) you will build your company and once done save it using the Save
Data button. Then you will click the “Save and go to OOB—>” button. Finally click the
“Options” button on that page and a dropdown menu will appear. Select the “Send to
Tournament” link. This will bring up the conventions and events that are hosting Bolt Action
games. ¬†Texicon will be listed there. You can click the “web link” to download a pdf of the
It also lists out the Tournament Info and to the
right of that area there is a “Send” link. You’ll click the “Send” link and your list will be sent to
Jon “Guts” Russell. For a visual and VERY detailed walk through of this process click here.

3. And finally. Now that you have paid for a Texicon badge and have registered your army
using the http://boltaction.easyarmy.com website you’ll just show up to Texicon with your army
and have a great time. Please note: your Tournament Badge is good for the whole convention.
So if there are games you’d like to try when you’re not participating in the Tournament please
let Texicon know at
[email protected]. Simply let them know the Day/Game/Time
(Session) of the game you’d like to pre-reg or sign-up for and they’ll get back to you with any
questions. You can’t register for any events, including this one, until you’ve paid for your
badge. So jump down below and pay for your badge so you can get in on this event!