Texicon Approved Flyer

We at Texicon appreciate your hard efforts and the fact that you’d like to get the word out.  To assist you we have created the
following Texicon approved fliers.  These are the only fliers that Texicon endorses, please feel free to print them out and pass
them out at your local game store, the grocery store, when you’re getting your oil changed, at other conventions, at your work
and to your neighbors.

Flyer Contest – Each year Texicon holds a Flyer Contest.  What is the flyer contest?  You’ll print out the Texicon flyer to and
support your Brick-and-Mortar store. Simply bring a copy of the Flyer with you when you come to Texicon.
Put your name on the back of the flyer and present it to the registration staff when you purchase your day or full con pass.
Your flyer will be placed into a bucket. Print the full contact information (Owner/Manager, Store Address, Store Phone
Number, Store Email) for the Brick And Mortar store of your choice on the back of the flyer.

On Sunday afternoon, around Noon – 1pm, at least one flyer will be drawn from the bucket for Texas and one from the
surrounding state bucket.  That is right.  There WILL be one winner from one of the surrounding states and one from Texas.
We only think it is fair to make sure that the other states have representation.  Please let Registration know that you are from
one of the surrounding states when you are entering.  This will allow registration to put your flyer into the proper bucket.  Any
person whose flyer is drawn from the bucket will receive a $50 gift certificate purchased in their name to the store listed on
the flyer.  Must be present to win.  Drawing will occur on Sunday at roughly Noon.

IN OTHER WORDS, you could win $50 dollar gift certificate to your store.

Must be present to win.
Attendee must present flyer when purchasing the full con pass or day pass.  Note: a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday day pass
will work, but person must still be present to win.
Flyer must be the approved Texicon Flyer from above link.
Flyer contest will only support valid Brick-and-Mortar stores.


If your store does not have any flyers, please feel free to direct them to this page where they can pring out the approved flyer,
a great way to help your store.