GM Welcome, and information.

Hello GMs, we have dedicated this page to GMs.  We wanted to give you a page where we could talk to you, post advice,
and put up contests.  We will also post discussions of problems and instructions to you here.

Texicon, the Twins would like to thank you for joining us.  We hope that you will feel at ease and relaxed enough to come
to us if you have any problems.

To everyone, there will be some changes coming in 2017.  Watch for them.

Texicon 2016

During our Texicon pre-con meeting we discussed the issues we were having with GM event submissions.  We wanted to
re-hash this topic here.

The issue revolves around number of players.  When a game lists 5 players as the maximum this does not necessarily
have to be the maximum.  When we ask for your Players we are looking for your Min-Max.

In this example (of 5) that would be if you hadn’t modified the game and five would be the maximum for the game.  And for
this example we’ll go with five as the maximum players that can participate.

This means:
Minimum is: 1 If you want to play, or if you are willing to play should you need to do so.
Minimum is: 2 If you are not willing to play.
Maximum is: 5 If you are not going to play no matter how many people show/want to participate.
Maximum is: 4 If you are playing regardless of how many people want to participate.

This does not mean that you can’t host a game whoes maximum listed is 10 and you settle on 5 but are willing to take
additional people at the table if the sign up sheet has alternates.

Sign-Up Sheets:
Please be to your table five minutes before the event is to start. At the appointed time you’ll go down the list of players
verifying that everyone is in attendance. If there are six slots on the sheet and all six players are at the table you may not
accept alternates or any other additional players. The number of players has been set please do not exceed that limit.

If players are on the sheet but not in attendance you may take alternates.

Required Game Submission Information

Here is a list of required information we need in order for you to submit your event. It is based on the game type.

Basic Information all GMs need to submit (Basic Information):

Basic Information:
First Name
Last Name
Call Sign (If you would like one)
Mailing Address
Mailing City
Mailing State
Mailing Zip Code
Contact Phone:
Do you accept text message: Y or N
Best Form of Contact: