Game Manufacturer (GMF)

Each year we seek out game manufacturers, hoping to have them attend Texicon, or have their Organized Play
departement/people or attend. When they do not have an organized play group/department we offer them the
opportunity to have their games hosted at Texicon by YOU, our local GM.
This allows them the opportunity to reach out to this region’s player base, game stores, and GMs.

It affords you the opportunity to learn and run a new game, be awarded a copy of the game for hosting it, and
receive extra/bonus credit hours towards your free badge.

Hosting a GMF Supported event is a great way to bring gaming to the players of the South Central Region!

How to Game Master (GM) a GMF Supported Event

To participate simply locate a game that interests you from the list below.

Make the Subject of your email: GMF Supported Event: [insert the name of the game here]
The body needs to contain your full contact information: name, address (mailing), phone number, game store you
will practice the game at.

You will need to be familiar enough with the game, able to host it at Texicon. We suggest that you host the game
at your local game store at least twice before the convention. We would appreciate a quick post game write up of
the game you run at your local convention. We may use it on our website or in the program.

Available Games
We have chosen to limit the time frame these games are available for selection as games you can host. We do
this to provide you, the GM, enough time learn the rules and allow you to host a successful event.
Miniatures and Role Playing Games are only available for selection from September 1 through January 31st.

Board Games are available for selection from September 1 through March 31st.

Here is a list of the current games available for selection by game type.

How to participate as a Game Manufacturer (GMF)
If you are a game manufacturer (GMF) and you would like to get your games on our list of available Game
Manufacturer Supported events please meet with Karl Pajak at GenCon. He can be reached via email at
[email protected] or via phone (479) 653-0565. Arrange to meet with him so he can understand the game you are
looking to have added to the GMF Supported list and see if it will be a good fit for everyone. Alternately you can
send him an email with your request.
To be eligible to host a GMF Supported event you have to: have hosted
games for us in the past and be a GM in Good Standing (you showed up for your events on time, collected and
turned in your
Game Sign-Up Sheet with your players names on it).
All Miniatures and Role Playing games must be received by January 1st to be available for selection for the
following year’s convention.  Board Games may submitted as late as March 31st of the year of the convention as
they do not require as much preparation and learning.

Miniatures Games
Fuzzy Heroe’s 2nd Edition by Spiral Arm Studios Website:
Its tactical combat for stuffed animals and toys! Welcome to the land of FrolicHaven, where stuffed animals and toys come
alive. Players recreate the struggle between King Swineheart and his trusty Fuzzy Heroes and The Naughty Eye King and his
Renegade Boy Toys. Easy to learn rules with enough depth to keep Dad playing for hours. Contains the complete scenario,
“They’ve Kidnapped Santa
Role Playing Games
Board Games
Car Wars by Steve Jackson Games Website:
Car Wars is the game of the freeways of the future, where the right of way goes to the biggest guns. Players build vehicles
complete with weapons, armor, power plants, and more. Then they take them out on the desolate roads, or maybe the brightly
lit arenas, to come home as “aces,” or to crash and burn. The winners earn fame and cash to upgrade their rides. The losers
are left in the dust.
Playing time 30 minutes and up, for players 10 and older. Any number can play . . . games with 2 to 8 are best.

Last Night On Earth by Flying Frog Productions Website:
Last Night on Earth, The Zombie Game is a fast-paced game of brain-eating Zombies, small town Heroes, and horror movie
action. Players take on the role of either the Heroes or Zombies. To survive, Hero players must use their cunning and
ingenuity (as well as a bit of luck) to make it through the night. Only by working together can the Heroes hope to fend off the
hordes of Zombies and find some way to stop them or escape.
Maelstrom’s Edge by Spiral Arm Studios Website:
Maelstrom’s Edge is a next generation, squad based tabletop wargame set in a gritty and intriguing sci-fi world of desperate
survival. We are producing nothing short of the finest, most engaging wargame on the market. Players will be thrust into a
fast, but deeply tactical game full of choice, action and consequence, where every moment counts, and where there is always
a way to change the game.
Deep Wars by AntiMatter Games Website:
DeepWars is a 28mm scale tabletop wargame set in an alternate history of Earth in the late 17th century, where fortune
seekers, scientists and scoundrels have discovered a lost land with an underground sea miles beneath the frozen surface of
the southernmost continent. Ancient technology recovered from their first excursions on land has allowed these adventurers
to develop new ether-powered dive suits and weapons and return to the bottom of the underground sea to battle with deadly
marine enemies over powerful artifacts, glittering crystals and golden treasure on the seafloor.
The Last Spike by Columbia Games Website: Or you can learn more by visiting: The
Last Spike – You Tube Review

In the Last Spike, players cooperate to build a continuous railway from St. Louis to Sacramento. Different routes are possible
and some towns never get a railway link. Each player also competes to accumulate the most money from land speculation
before the “last spike” is played.

Historical Games
Warfighter by Dan Verssen Games Website: Or you can learn more by visiting:
Warfighter – You Tube Tutorial

Warfighter is a card game for 1 to 6 players. Command the world’s best Special Forces operators and complete vital assault
missions around the world!