Game Acclaim

Game Acclaim – Texicon’s Choice for Social Media Management

My twin brother Kevin and I decided to start Texicon back in 2008 while GMing at Anime Fest. We realized there
weren’t any Game Conventions in this region. Sure there were shows that had gaming as part of the
entertainment but there were not Game Conventions. Certainly there were Game Days, and Events, but no
Game Convention solely focused on Gaming. Thus began Texicon.

It has taken us a long time, and our website is still not very modern. What is modern and cutting edge is our
concepts for Texicon. From our Venue Assistance Program, and Kid’s Track games, to our Manufacturer
Attended or Manufacturer Supported events. We look for ways to help strengthen the game community.

We also realized that we needed help with our social media. Kevin and I just aren’t that savvy when it comes to
that type of stuff. That’s when we found Game Acclaim and Tricia Sydney.

Tricia began her life as a gamer over thirty years ago.
That coupled with h
er background is in Social Media
(also a family tradition)
provides her with the
experience to understand g
amers and the gaming
Game Acclaim has a very reasonable pricing structure
that has allowed us to reach out to the multitudes and
help them attend Texicon and discover all the great
things we have to offer.

She’s become more than just the owner of a company
we work with, she’s become part of the Texicon family.

If you are looking for an excellent company to oversee
your Social Media we at Texicon can not stress enough
how much of a pleasure it has been working with her