Lost Worlds Tournament

Presenting: Texicon’s Lost Worlds Tournament.  Lost Worlds is a flip book combat game system, produced by Flying Buffalo,
that faces two opponents against each other.  Each Lost World book contains pictures that show what a player is doing.  The
player gives his flip book to his opponent.  The opponent will see, after cross referencing the players action and turning to the
proper page, what the player is doing.  Play continues until one player’s character dies.  This game simulates character
combat as it would be seen if the player were actually facing his opponent.  The game, once learned is easy and fun to play.
Moreover, most characters are balanced, but some characters are more powerful, thus presenting a more difficult challenge to

For our tournament, the more powerful creatures are considered two encounter characters.  A two encounter character means
that the person must be attacked twice and win.  All damage is carried over to the second battle for a two encounter
character.  This only occurs if a two encounter character faces a single encounter character.  Players may not switch from a
one to a two encounter character for the second battle.  Conversely, if a player only uses the skeleton, then he may attack the
same opponent three times.  This has been done to ensure a level playing field.  So, come join in the Lost Worlds
Tournament on Saturday.

Here are just a few of the many characters players get to choose.

So, will you chose Man or Beast?  Will you face Man to Man OR Beast to Beast.  Either way, we have to ask, do you have what it takes to win the Texicon
Lost Worlds Tournament?
Prizes: winners will win extra bonuses in every game they play on Saturday.  These bonuses will be created and given to the winners by the
GMs of the games on Saturday.  Bonuses will be fitting to the level of the winner.  There will be a 1st place winner, 2nd place winner, and a 3rd
place winner.

Examples of a 1st place prize for a Role-Play game could be: a powerful magic item unique to that character, a special ability for a super-hero,
a special robot for Sci-Fi role play, the ability to heal one’s self or others fully once per day, etc.  Needless to say the possibilities are endless.
Rest assured, the powers, items, and or abilities will be designed to reflect the fact that this person is THE 1st place winner, 2nd place winner,
or 3rd place winner of the Lost Worlds Tournament.  Remember, these bonuses are designed to give the winners an extra edge that other
players do not have WHILE still not overbalancing the game.  So, GMs will have to design the bonuses/prizes that the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
winners get.

Winners will receive a certificate that they take to the games they play.  Players must present the certificate to the GM in order to obtain their
bonuses/prizes (i.e. whatever you want to call it).