Convention Staff

Kevin Pajak – President

Kevin has been gaming for over twenty-five years, focusing on Role-Playing and unique board games.  Kevin’s vision for
Texicon is what has made the convention possible.

Kevin holds a MA in English from UTA.  Currently, he is writer and editor for hire.  If you are looking for a writer, editor, or
technical writer to help you develop your game, or write fantasy, sci-fi or fiction blurbs for it, Kevin is available for hire.
His passion for teaching people can be seen in Texicon’s seminars where his vision to help people learn about games,
the gaming community, and the game industry will hopefully enrich the community overall.

He is an avid board and Role-Playing gamer. Board games: Nuclear War, Thunder Road, Elixir of Life, Chainsaw, Risk,
Axis & Allies, Fantasy Forest, King Arthur (Woton Games), Role-Play: D&D 1st ed., I.C.E., Paranoia, Villains & Vigilantes,
and more.

Karl Pajak – Vice President

Karl holds a BA in History from CSUF and currently works in sales for Water Tech, Inc..  His love for history makes for a
designer and game manufacturer.  He has written articles for game magazines. His artistic background and love of
painting also supports miniature gaming.  “I’m predominantly a miniature gamer.”  He is also a DM and enjoys running
Role-Playing games more than playing in them.

His favorites games are: Flintloque, AD&D (2nd ed), Shadowrun, Tunnels & Trolls, and Villains & Vigilantes, Zombie
Daze, and Historical Miniatures Games – especially Napoleonics.   If he’s not at the game table he’s involved in
supporting the game community.

As an individual who has been involved in games since the dawn of time, his overall knowledge of all aspects of games
and the gaming industry makes it apparent that this is his true calling.

Ray BradshawArt Curator
I am freelance Artist, Writer and Photoragrapher. I have been drawing since I was six
years of age. I have contributed art to many conventions over the years including:
Dallas Fantasy Fair, Project, A-Kon, AnimeFEST, and most recently Yule-Con where I was
lead artist the last two years of its run.

I have been playing RPG games since High School (D&D) I am a life long fan of Sci-Fi,  Fantasy films, and Anime.

I look forward to working with Texicon for many years to come, and am honored to be serving as their Art Curator.

Board Games
Mark Montgomery has thought of himself as a gamer
since 1981, when a casual friend gave him the red
D&D Basic Rules book, never to be seen
again. Since then he’s moved back and forth between
RPGs, Board Games, Card Gaming (CCG & LCG),
and Miniature Gaming as the whims of new and shiny
take him. Mark has also been an avid Computer and
Video gamer, enjoying MMORPGs, FPSs, Simulators,
Action-adventure games,Platformers, and Puzzlers.

He’s a Legomaniac and has read every Star
Wars novel published in paperback (with all these
hobbies, hardcover novels take away too many funds).

Mark has been volunteering for conventions here in
Texas since 1990, at Aggiecon, Novacon, Project
A-Kon, Stellar Occasions, AnimeFest, ConDFW, BGG
Con, TABLE, Texicon, and others. His board game
collection sometimes travels to conventions
like Texicon for new friends to enjoy and can be found
on Board Game Geek here: