Convention Policies

1. All those attending the convention are to have a great time.

2. All attendees must remember that we are guests at the Hurst Conference Center.  Respectful and adult behavior is required
in all areas of the Conference Center.  Any participant who does not act appropriately will lose his convention privileges and
will be asked to leave.  If you lose your convention privileges, your money will not be refunded.  Attendees must act in
accordance with the Hurst Conference Center’s policy at all times.

3. Any incident involving theft must be reported to a Magnate or a convention staff member, along with the police if needed.

4. The convention is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Lost badges: Convention attendees who misplace or lose their
badges must purchase a new one.

5. Convention badges/bands/and the like must be prominently displayed at all times.  Attendees must show their convention
badges if requested to do so by a convention staff, game master, or security.

6. We are happy to have players who are under thirteen years old attend the convention.  However, convention attendees
under thirteen years old must have a parent or guardian with them at all times while they are at the convention or they will be
asked to leave the convention floor.  Children who are thirteen, fourteen, or fifteen must have a parent or legal guardian in the
Grapevine Convention Center or within the Historic Grapevine district, while they attend the convention.

7. Game event sign up (pre-registration): To sign up for an events you simply send us an email, after you’ve paid for your
convention pass, stating for what events you would like to pre-register.  Your name and information will be logged as a
participant.  When selecting a specific event please list an alternate event in case your requested event has already been
filled or becomes canceled.  You will receive an email confirmation of your events.  Game event sign up (at the convention): If
you register at the door you’ll be able to register for events using the
Game Sign-up Sheets provided.  The sign up sheets will
be located the vendor area and will be available for each session at least one hour prior to the event.  The sign up sheets will
be picked up by the game masters ten minutes prior to the event.

8. Players that are not at the game event table five minutes after the commencement of the event forfeit their space Should a
non-signed up player wish to sign up for the event.
Note: Rule of thumb: Be at the game table five minutes prior to the event.

9. Texicon supports great games and good times.  Therefore, we support the right of those running the event to request a
player to leave the game should a player become disruptive.  Also, should an attendee experience someone running a game
in an inappropriate manner please inform the convention staff.  If staff or guests is harassing you, contact Texicon
immediately, registration can help you locate either Kevin Pajak or Karl Pajak.

10. Open Gaming Tables: If a game isn’t taking up the entire space you are expected to share the non-used space with
anyone wishing to use it.

11. Weapons: Texicon follows the Grapevine Convention Center’s weapon policy.

12. Attendees may not bring outside food or drink to the Convention Center.  However, all attendees are expected to pick up
their trash and clean up any mess they make— including spills and accidents.   DO NOT EAT at the Open Gaming Tables
unless you are gaming or your badge will be forfeit.  These tables are solely for gaming.
  Tables will be set aside for this
purpose.  Attendees may eat and drink at an event if the GM allows it.

13. Texicon reserves the right to refuse anyone service. If anyone acts in an inappropriate manner, as deemed by a Magnate,
Security, or Convention Staff, we reserve the right to eject you from the convention without a refund.

14. Texicon reserves the right to disallow or cancel any game or event that the it or the Grapevine Convention Center
management deems inappropriate.

15.  Pointy Sticks are allowed only if their use is supervised by Harrison Ford.  Furthermore, they must be made out of soft
foam.  Furthermore, time travel device use for the purpose of altering a die roll or game outcome is prohibited.  Use of time
travel devices is only for the expressed purposes of increasing fun and enjoyment.  For example, let’s say that you want to go
back in time and celebrate that most bodacious die roll.  High-fives all around… Again!  Yeah DUDE!!!!

16.  If for some reason anyone spots either Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, or J. Robert Oppenheimer playing in a game, please
contact Kevin.  He has some questions to ask them and their gift basket.  😀