Thomas Stearns: one of Texicon's Premier Board Game
    I have been playing board games for as long as I can remember. I started with the usual
    suspects; Monopoly, Risk, Pay Day, Careers, Life etc.  In 4th grade, a friend introduced me
    to a new type of game he called war games, at least is was new to me. We played Agincourt,
    Luftwaffe, and Third Reich. Needless to say, I was hooked. The first war game I ever bought
    was Panzer Blitz when I was maybe in 7th grade. Thus began the career of a life long war

    I dabbled with RPG's. Was exposed to miniatures. However I always came back to war
    games. That is my main love in the gaming genre. That being said, I own and play all kinds of
    games. As a GM at Texicon and some other game cons I have run all kinds of different

    My first game convention was Origins when it was held in Ft Worth back in the early 90's. It
    was over 15 years before I attended another game con. Now I regularly attend 3 cons a year,
    and occasionally 4. I have only missed 1 Texicon and that was year 2. I really enjoy
    the community and social aspects of board gaming and game conventions. I enjoy trying new
    games and enjoy introducing the hobby to those who have not yet been exposed to it.

    I drive in each year from Houston, where I live, to attend Texicon.  My middle child usually
    comes with me. All three of my children play games, but I have yet to get them to be as
    devoted as I am. I look forward to continuing to GM games at Texicon and other events.  
    Stop by anytime.  I'd love to chat about games or any thing else.

~Thomas Stearns
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                                          Vance Frey: one of Texicon's Premier Miniatures GMs.

         I started gaming in the early eighties and have been running games since the late eighties. D&D was my first  
         game that I played as a gamer; my first war game was the Old Warlords.  First game that I was the game master
         for was D&D in Pittsburgh and two years later Warlord here in Dallas.

Some of the great games that I have played or run at conventions are as follows:

The games that I am playing at this time are Call to Arms: Star Fleet, Warmaster , Bother in Arms (A game based on Honor and Arms), and  Honor and Arms.

Games that I plan to run at the next Texicon are:
*Call to Arms: Star Fleet
*Honor and Arms rule set: Peninsular Campaign Spanish Battle Albuera 16 May 1811.
~ Vance Frey
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Honor and Arms
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AD&D First and Second ed.
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Star Wars 1st. & 2nd. ed.
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Brothers in Arms
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GURPS 1st. ed.
A Call to Arms: Star Fleet
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Star Trek 1st. ed.
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Palladium Fantasy 2nd ed.
Palladium Space 1st. ed.
Star Trek 1st., 2nd, & 3rd. ed.
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Shadow Run 1st. ed.
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Space 1999
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Warhammer 40K
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Star Wars
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Car Wars
Wooden ships and Iron Men
Texicon celebrates those GMs who work hard during the convention and who uphold the concepts, values, and mission of
Texicon.  This is the Premier GM page.  Here you will find the biographies of all of Texicon's Premiere GMs.  

found in all three areas of gaming i.e. Role-Play, Board games, and Miniatures.

Each Premier GM is only able to assist you in his area of gaming.  Thus, if you have a Role-Play question or comment or anything
else for that matter you can go to not only the Con Staff and/ or the Magnate, but now you will be able to turn to a GM.  Not just a
regular GM but a
Premier GM!  

Both attendees and GMs will be able to turn to them for questions, help, and to give comments about anything occurring at
Texicon.  Also, only Premier GMs can run back to back events with no questions asked.  This Texicon policy will help ensure all
GMs are fresh and ready to game.
Scott the Enchanter
Scott Clinton: one of Texicon's Premier Miniatures GMs.
There are those that callme...Ti...errr...Scott.

Anyway, I started gaming with Roco tanks and Airfix
plastic figures and Avalon Hill board games back in
1971 almost simultaneously at the age of 6.

Over the years I have come to the realization that I
generally prefer games that simulate rather than
simply “game” historical situations and generally
prefer lower density war games. My favorites are still
about the same as they have always been with a
wide mix of miniatures games I love to play and my
ever increasing collection of Avalon Hill and SPI
Brian Neff: one of Texicon's Premier Role-Play Game GMs.

I've been GMing games for over ten years now, and it's been one of the most influential and important things in
my life. I started, like most folks, on Dungeons and Dragons, but decided in the late 2000s that I wanted to
trade in my Grid Mats and High Fantasy for some Gritty Realism and Indie flair. That's when I fell in love with
the Indie RPG movement. Games like Ron Edward's Sorcerer and Jason Morningstar's Durance have always
held my interest as an effective way to build and tell stories. Because of this, I started the Indie RPG Corps in
2013 (At Texicon!) a group of gamers dedicated to good storytelling and immersive play. While you'll still catch
me slaying the occasional dragon or two, I mostly stick to protecting my holding in Apocalypse World, saving
the universe from existential threats in Eclipse Phase, or generally being a buffoon in Fiasco.  

Texicon has helped me meet some of the nicest, best, and brightest people I know. Last year I got involved
with DFW Nerd Night, a group of people who play games in order to raise money for various charity
organizations. The charity work they do helps people in real and impactful ways, not the least of which has
been me.  Currently I'm getting myself into the gaming industry as a game designer, with my first project
coming out (hopefully) by the end of the year. I've designed an in depth flow chart that ends with lots of
question marks and the word "Profit".  

I would love to play or talk gaming with you, so if you see me, be sure to tap me on the shoulder and tell me
what you think.
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"Where the West Begins"
Mark Montgomery: one of Texicon's Premier Board Game GMs
Mark has not sent in his Bio nor has he sent any further info.

Had he done so we imagine it would be something liked by all.  Here is
what we imagine he might say:

Howdy Ya'll frum the grit State of Texas.  Yeeehaww....  Well, them thar
Pajaks wanted to give me the grand ole tour and I said that would be
nice.  Heh heh hee.  Yep.  Ya knowed what they done next?  If it don't
beat the mule shoes off a donkey.  Them thar is sure some nice fellers.  I
knowed what happens next.  Naow, as fer as the past... hum...  

Ah ha!
Elaine Patterson: one of Texicon's Premier Miniatures GMs.

Growing up we usually got board games for Christmas. Mom & Dad thought the games would get us to
play together without fighting, (Ha!).

I considered myself a grown-up when I learned to play Canasta, or "Black Samba", which was the game
the grown-ups played at family get-togethers. These games were usually consisted of my mom and aunt
playing against my dad and uncle. Uncle Bubs was a rancher near San Angelo and they had a huge
screened-in porch. One evening, while we were playing on the porch, we could hear a pretty raucous
game in process. My mom and Aunt Mary squealed with joy so loudly, that Snowman, my uncle's most
loyal cow dog began barking. I'll never forget my uncle walking out onto the screened-in porch, opening
the screen door, and shouting "Oh, shut up! They only won one hand!"

My foray into miniatures gaming began when my son was ten. We had driven to Big Spring to visit my
parents and my youngest brother introduced us to Warhammer 40K. My son caught the bug and wanted
me to help him paint them, since I had started painting watercolor landscapes. Well, it didn't take long for
me to get interested in playing. Rather than telling you how long ago that was, I'll just say that you could get a blister of 2 Citadel metal space marines for $4.

He put them away when he entered high school and so did I. I started painting miniatures again for something to do as my late husband went through
chemotherapy. One day I was at Reaper's Asylum and the guys were play testing the 2nd edition of Reaper's Warlord game. They invited me to play.

I like games that provide a strong narrative or story as you play. I had been struggling to learn how to play Chain Reaction from Two Hour Wargames, so I
mustered up enough courage to attend one of the first Skirmish Days where Ed Teixeira was there running one of his games. Not only did I learn how the game's
reaction system work, but I had so much fun meeting even more gamers. That's how I became a Two Hour Wargames junkie.

Then I went to a MillieniumCon and met even more generous gamers. And then Texicon. I missed the very first Texicon because it was the same weekend as
ReaperCon that year, but I've been to every one since. Texicon is so much fun that I spend 4 to 5 months a year getting ready for it and every year it is fantastic.

I love playing games and chatting with everyone.  Please stop by and say hello.  I love teaching and talking about miniatures, so don't be shy.  I accepted the
invitation to be a Premier GM because I knew it would give me a chance to meet new gamers and possibly learn a new trick or two.  Stop by, play a game, and tell a
story.  If you have any questions about miniatures or miniature gaming, stop by and ask me.  Even if I don't know the answer, we can discover it together.


Amado mio. Love me forever, and let forever begin tonight.