Reaper Con

Texicon is excited to announce that we have worked out a badge exchange with Reaper Con.  All Reaper Con attendees may come to our
convention for free.  Just make sure that you have a valid Reaper Convention badge and then come join our convention.  Please make sure to contact
Kevin or Karl Pajak before driving down to Texicon if you are coming for a specific event to make sure that you can enter.  This will need to be
done because space is limited to 200 attendees at one time.

Please arrange ahead of time for your coming if possible.

Please note: all of our events are on a first come first serve basis.  So, if you desire to participate in a particular event, you will need to make sure
that it is not full. Please note: Texicon attendees may also go to Reaper Con for free.  All you have to do is have a valid Texicon badge and you will
be able to go to Reaper Con.  Texicon attendees please go to their website for further details.  If you have any questions please contact Karl or
Kevin Pajak.