Game Master Resources

This page is dedicated to providing information to Game Masters.  This page is aimed at providing Game Masters information
that will help them craft the finest events that they can.  We will be posting information as soon as we can.  Keep your eye on
the “This page last updated” to see if anything has changed.  I will also have a box at the top to inform players as to what was
updated.  If you have any suggestions as to how to approach making it easier for Game Masters know what information is
new, please send your suggestion to the above email address.

Thank you,

Kevin and Karl Pajak

PS. We decided to make the resource pages because we all need to work together as a gaming community.  This will allow
the gaming community to grow stronger.  We hold the philosophy that every gamer is our ally, every game store is our friend,
and every game manufacturer is our life line to fun.  Thus, we must unite in all our efforts to make the gaming community as
strong as possible.

Then there will be a letter after the date.  This letter will correspond to the they type of information.

Thus, we would have 08032010.P

RP= Role-Play
T = Terrain,
Ad= Advertising,
G= Game store,
Con= Convention(s),
GG= Gaming Groups,
H= Help in doing something,
F= Forums and Blogs,
C= Consultants (Historical, Technical, Rules)
O= Other

Please note: I will add types as they become necessary.
I will also group the information by type.