Game Store Resources

Hello, and welcome to the Game Store Resource page.
If you have anything to contribute to this page, please send it to
[email protected]

This page is dedicated to providing information to Game Stores.  This page is aimed at providing Game Stores information
that will help them create a profitable business, which includes a friendly welcoming environment for gamers and families
alike.  We will be posting information as soon as we can.  Keep your eye on the “This page last updated” to see if anything
has changed.  I will also have a box at the top to inform players as to what was updated.  If you have any suggestions as to
how to approach making it easier for Game Masters know what information is new, please send your suggestion to the
above email address.

Thank you,

Kevin and Karl Pajak

PS. We decided to make the resource pages because we all need to work together as a gaming community.  This will allow
the gaming community to grow stronger.  We hold the philosophy that every gamer is our ally, every game store is our
friend, and every game manufacturer is our life line to fun.  Thus, we must unite in all our efforts to make the gaming
community as strong as possible.


Then there will be a letter after the date.  This letter will correspond to the they type of information.

Thus, we would have 08032010.P
Ad = Advertising
Con = Conventions (business and gaming)
D = Display advice
Co-op = The Cooperative Association of Stores
H = How to
GM = Game Masters/ People who run games at your store
GA = Game Area (The place where people play games at your store)
S = Stock (Product advice)
L = Store Layout
P = Product Photography
W = Web advice
L = Legal Discussions (How to find a lawyer, law-suits, laws, etc.)
I = Incentives
Dis = Distribution

Please note: I will add types as they become necessary.
I will also group the information by type.


Texicon is organizing a Co-Op effort between game stores.  The vision of this Co-op is to link stores together via a forum so
that they may communicate between themselves.  This will allow them to discuss many things such as

* Stock Questions
* listings for product/  i.e. looking for product
* Suggestions for product that is not moving
* How to do X, Y, or Z
* Banking Questions such as credit card reader suggestions, check fees, fraud, etc
* Advertising questions
* Game convention questions
* In store Promotion Ideas
* Dealing with in store gamers
* Display Ideas
* Legal issues (such as questions about taxes, labor boards, lawsuits, how to obtain a good lawyer, etc.)
* How to find good employees
* How to fire someone
* How to organize the stock room
* and many other topics

If you are an owner of a game store and are interested in joining the Game Store Forum please send us an email at
[email protected]

Please put “Join Game Store Forum” in the subject line.  Please note: verification of store ownership will be required as
owners will have privileges and access to pages that others will not have.

If you are an employee of a game store and would like to join the Game Store Forum please send us an email to
[email protected] Please put “Join Game Store Forum” in the subject line.

“The Professional Game Store Association (PGSA) is created with the mission to promote and strengthen the business of
Hobby Game Retail Stores by partnering with manufacturers, publishers, and distributors while taking a leadership role in
support of the hobby game industry.”

As part of the Professional Game Store Association’s efforts to improve the communication in the Hobby Game Industry we
have created the PGSA website.  Through this online portal we will provide our members with information that will enable
our members to improve their business operations.