Texicon Resources

Welcome to the Industry Resources. These pages: Player, Game Master, Game Store, Game Manufacturer, and
Links, are intended to aid you or your community. They have been categorized in such a way as to make it
possible to quickly access what you’re looking for. These tools are designed to help increase and strengthen the
gaming community which is under assault from all directions.

Every gamer, GM, Game store, distributor, and game manufacturer needs to unite under one banner.  There are
signs that Table Top Gaming is becoming stronger.  However, everyone still needs to do their bit so all of us can
win the day.

Texicon views this as vital.  We are committed to this most important goal.  As such, we decided to make the
resource pages.  Helpful information can be found for all of us here on these pages.  If you are a gamer, a GM, a
Game Store, a Distributor, a Game Manufacturer, or anyone else who is involved in the Table Top Gaming
community, then these pages may be helpful.

If you find any problems with these pages be it missing information, incorrect information, or anything else,
please let us know.

IF we all pull together, we can make a difference.

A humble thanks to anyone who helps in this vital endeavor.

To that end, please send us via email [email protected] any information that pertains to any of these areas.
We hope that you find the information useful and will take ownership of increasing the information on these
pages. Information vital to the health of the gaming community.