Silly Things

Here at Texicon, we feel that things are just not silly enough.  This page is
Our attempt to help with this serious lack of silly.
Indeed, such a lack of silly has not been seen since Garack Miliblan failed
to take up the challenge of the Holy Silly High day in 1278 A.D.  Thus, the
Dark Age began.  The only reason that Armageddon didn’t happen at this precise moment was the fact that Tad
copy of it since.

Will you please help?  Send us silly before it’s too late.

There is still time.  You can help.
This is the only silly that we currently have.  🙁  Pleeeeeeeezzzzzeeee Help!!!

Karl Pajak
Vice President and Advertising
Manager Karl Pajak is Silly! 😛
Gork the Ork Gacked on Cork
He Chewed on Cheese Chumming with Churlish thoughts

He Swilled Swell Swine did he with Dine

All full Gork and Susy Sow Slept neath the Swell Soft

Kevin Pajak
Kevin Pajak rides into Western
Lore.  Now that is Silly!
Hello, you may know my
brother, The Cheshire Cat.
name is Texicat.  You may see
me from time to time laying
around acting silly.
Lyn Stahl - Metal Head Minis - Texicon Painting Diva
Lyn tries the moustache juice.  WOW! it works.  “Hey guys you gota
get this juice.” ~Lyn
Lyn is thinking of becoming a distributor of Moe’s Stash Juice.

all about the the nose
says Moe’s Stash Juice.
Lyn agrees.  Moe’s Moustaches are the hot new thing in 2012.

David Donohoo vs the Bat
MagCon organizer and GM David Donohoo
discovers the Giant Bat.  “Look out David!”
he really gets INTO it.  Costume and all.
Steve Miller
While on his way home from OrcCon 2016
stopped at a little known time portal. Karl
ended up finding and running from a
Dinosaur. He made it home and is looking
forward to seeing you at Texicon 2016!
Stevebob plays Eight Minute Empire while
Marcelo plays with his new game “Phone
Time” by AndroidsRocks at OrcCon 2016.