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A Specialist GM is a GM who focuses his efforts on either a single game line or a single manufacturer.  These GMs, because of
their dedication to that game line or Manufacturer, are experts in the games they run.  Every nuance and variant for each game
has been tried.  Alternate rules and supplements have been incorporated into their games.  Any bit of literature written about
these games, the Specialist GM knows by heart.  These extra-ordinary game masters have delved into the very depths of each
game.  Often, knowing the game mechanics and engine better than the developers or owners.  We challenge them to know
more and be better GMs than those who we call Specialist GM.

Texicon celebrates their dedication to the game lines they run and promote.  It is their dedication to these games that makes
them some of the best GMs to be found.  Texicon also knows that there can be crappy GMs who also specialize in a game line
or Manufacturer.  Thus, we select only the finest of them and ask those who deserve it if they would like to become a Texicon
Specialist GM.

The Specialist GMs found on this page are of such a caliber.  We do not ask lightly.  Only the very best can call themselves
Texicon Specialist GMs.  Below, you will find such GMs.  We will list them in order by the Manufacturer or game system they
run.  For instance, a Board Game Specialist GM, would have to be listed by Manufacturer, while a Miniaturist Specialist GM
would be listed by game system or Rule set.  

In any case, the order in which they appear IS NOT indicative in any way, shape, or form of their ranking or status.  All of them
are equally as good in their area of specialization.

Texicon urges all its attendees to try playing in a Specialist GM's game, as the experience is one that should not be missed.
Steve Jackson Games
      Specialist GM Mike Kelly
      This imposing figure of a GM hails to us from the land of Steve Jackson Games.  His games are legendary.   Mike Kelly,
      is the sort of GM who can run an excellent game with 1 or 50 players.  He has this singular ability because of his long
      practiced skill at running games.  Couple that along with his knowledge of SJG's GURPS and you have a recipe for
      excellence.  Not only does he run RPGs, but he also hosts almost anything Steve Jackson Games produces.  If it says,
      "Made by SJG," then you can bet Mike Kelly has played it, run it, and mastered it.  Dabble he does not, but sinks tooth
      and nail into any game by Steve Jackson Games.  We have said enough about this most excellent GM.  We now turn
      the floor over to Mike.  

      I Started playing DND in the 70's and just loved it. Decided that at the gamestore I played
      DnD at someone would have to run the new Traveller RPG the store just started carrying so I
      took up the task.

      When at a convention in 1986 running Traveller tournaments for GDW I ran into Steve
     Jackson who was looking for people to learn how to play his new but not yet published RPG
      called GURPS. The rest, as they say is history as I learned to play GURPS from Steve  
     Jackson himself. Steve Jackson as a GM was quite different from all other GM's I've ever had

so I adopted his style of GMing and I'm very happy with the results.

I've written professionally for several role-playing games - Dark Conspiracy, 2300AD, Traveller and of course GURPs.

I've set the record for most GURPS players in one game - 46 -- set at ALL-Con in Dallas, Texas.

I am an MIB for Steve Jackson games and in addition to running GURPS I enjoy running Zombie Dice, Cthulu Dice and
Munchkin also.

I enjoy how things are going right now, but I am toying with some RPG ideas for my very own RPG.  
Robert Wall
Kenneth Wall
Specialist GM Kenneth and Specialist GM Robert Wall

We have been into gaming in one form or another for almost 18 years. Growing up in Indiana we first played Hero Quest then moved on to D&D in 1994.  In 1995
we were introduced to Battletech and have enjoyed it ever since.  We have both played Mechwarrior (CBT RPG) on and off through the late 90’s. In 1998
Kenneth joined the USAF and has been traveling the world, playing wherever I went. While I was stationed in Japan (2002-2005), I was a part of the Okinawa
Gamers Group. With this group I had the chance to play and run several different RPG’s (Deadlands, rifts, mechwarrior RPG, and Robotech RPG as well as try
out Warhammer 40K). Robert joined the RPGA playing 2nd edition D&D in Indiana and occasionally DM’ing till 2002.  When Mechwarrior Dark Age came out both
of us picked it up and played in many tournaments till the series was discontinued. My brother has been playing many years of online gaming (Mechwarrior 3 and
later, World of Warcraft, and many others).  In 2008 we started reintroducing others to what has become known as Classic Battletech.  I have enjoyed bring
players back to the CBT universe.  We look forward to introducing the game to more players.
Texicon is over joyed that
Kenneth and Robert are
joining us for Texicon 2015.

They are highly known by
the CBT community for
providing high quality

Stop by and chat with these
delightful fellows.
Catalyst Game Labs
1209 S Main St.
Grapevine, Texas 76051
Phone: (817) 410-3459
Website   Map (driving directions)
"Where the West Begins"
Palladium Books: Palladium Strike Team
Specialist GM Kenneth Haun

Master Kenneth: is a member of the LXGM (League of EXtraordinary Game
Masters).  He has been gaming since the Big Boom of the Universe…  First
the dice rolled out…  And then he appeared.  Most of his past is mysterious
but we do know that he has a following.  He is one of those game masters
you will never forget.  You can bring the hardest character to the game and
he will only say, “Let’s do this!” and he will…  Oh, he will!  It is quite common
for passers-by to stop at his games just to listen to his story and the game
play.  Converting people to gaming for many years with his deep storytelling
skills, we are grateful that he uses his awesome powers for good instead of
evil…  (Though there are times that’s questionable.)
Specialist GM Jenn A.K.A. DommeNation

DommeNation: has been table-top gaming for about 20 years and running games
for about 10 years.  She has been running Palladium Games at conventions for
about 5 years. For conventions, DommeNation runs the Palladium RPG titles:
Dead Reign (zombie apocalypse) and Splicers (machines vs. man and plants). Her
games are memorable for the crazy things that happen in the story… Complete
with zombies that randomly break out in dance.  We find it odd that she hates
horror films…  Yet runs a zombie game like no one else.

Palladium Minion Team: is made up of fellow weekend gamers that know the
Game Masters of the Palladium Strike Team very well. Their job at conventions is
to care for the Master Kenneth and DommeNation’s needs during game as well as
manual labor before, during, and after a convention.  They also are there to help
gamers make characters before a game, help with gamers with their character
sheets, and set up of the gaming tables.  The Minions are also responsible with the
task of keeping up with Master Kenneth at conventions so he doesn’t use his
charisma powers for evil…  We wish them luck.
Special Guests
Lost Worlds Tournament
Thursday 6:00 pm - Sunday 6:00pm
Strike Team
Convention Dates: June 25-28, 2015
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Specialist GM
We will tell our story, invite others to share and add to it, expanding the story to be enjoyed.
A good story can change things for the better." - LXGM (League of eXtra-ordinary Game

For some years, my family and I have been enjoying role play, board and card games as a
past time, entertainment, and, in many ways, an emotional outlet. We have had dozens of
gamers (family, friends, and all of the above) come in to and out of our group.  Each of them
adding their own chapter to our "story." We strive, in our own games, to create the very
best, putting 212% into every game we run and play.

Why 212%?  At 211 Fahrenheit, water is merely "hot."  However, add one degree and it
transforms into steam.  We work to put that extra one percent into every game, at home and
at conventions where we perform.

Yes, what we do is a "performance," an art; and we encourage others to see it the same.  
We focus on each game, its story, and the player that joins us at the table. We work to introduce our preferred system, Palladium books, to not just
strive to help others where we can, including loaning our box dolly to those who need a little extra help unloading.

We perform what we love; and, since the 1990's, for me, Palladium Books games have been a love.

That enjoyment spread to my family, extended family, friends and convention goers.  Palladium has created stories, worlds, character, and incredible art
and we enjoy sharing it with others.game and the best experience we can give both convention attendee and convention management.

Its all about sharing a story, and in doing so making it come alive to those playing.

A good story can change the world for the better.

The Palladium Strike Team

Thanks for making our games special!

Kenneth and Jenn
MegaVersal Ambassadors for Palladium Books and the Palladium Strike Team

Welcome to the Megaverse!
And now a word from our Specialist GM: Kenneth Haun
Texicon is pleased to announce the winner of the 2014 Best Role-Play GM
award.The award, and winner of the very special prize: Kenneth Haun