Texicon Strike Team

Texicon is more than simply a yearly table top gaming convention.  We also provide assistance to other Game Conventions,
Corporations, and Schools.  This allows us to bring a great gaming experience to our clients beyond the scope of the
conventional convention, be it simply for fun or for education.  Let Texicon’s Strike Team work with you to create a unique
experience that will be remembered.

The Strike Team

After providing us with information about your event, we begin assembling the Strike Team.  The process includes combing
through our large pool of Game Masters and hand picking those who will best fit your needs.  We then provide them with all of
the tools and resources necessary to make your event a resounding success.  Part of this process includes us working
closely with both you and our Strike Team to design a list of games that will be run at your event.  Once this is done, we turn
the rest of the work over to the Strike Team.  The Strike Team will have a leader with whom you will work closely.  He or she
will be the one to direct and assign duties to the rest of the Strike Team.

What does the Strike Team do?
The Strike Team hosts games and joins games.  But not only does it run games, it also attempts to ensure that the games it
hosts have the optimum  number of players.  It does this by adding Strike Team members to the game where needed.  This
means that the best gaming experience can be had by your attendees.  Don’t worry about your players/ attendees not being
able to join a full game.  Should one of your attendees desire to join a game that has the maximum number of players, one or
more Strike Team member will simply step away from the game.  Then, your people can join that game and enjoy

Furthermore, Strike Team members will join non-Strike Team games that need players.  Because we send more than the
minimum number of Game Masters to your event, the Strike Team has extra members.  This allows them to send Game
Masters, who then will act as players, to games that need more people.  This also helps to ensure that every game at your
event is exciting, challenging, and enjoyable.

Finally, the Strike Team can run demonstrations of games.  This portion of the Strike Team service has limitations and
conditions.  Contact Texicon for details.

The PR System

The second aspect of Texicon’s Strike Team is Texicon’s PR system.  Our trained and dedicated staff is connected to game
stores, game manufacturers, most gaming Blogs, and game forums.  Taking advantage of Texicon’s PR system can change a
low attended game into a fully attended game.

What does the PR system do?
We discuss your event with you to find out your specific needs.  Then, we begin spreading the word about your event.  We
design a PR campaign that has maximum effect.  This can include flyer distribution, in person contact with various gaming
groups, and web discussions.  Please note: flyers can be designed by us or provided by the client. Web discussions can
include posting information on game manufacturer websites, gaming forums, Facebook, and gaming Blogs.  We also can post
discussions about your event with follow-up discussions.

Who can take advantage of Texicon’s PR system?
It is available to Game Masters, game stores, tournament organizers, and game conventions.

Table Top Game Conventions
How can we help you put on a better game convention?  What we do is bring our seasoned and experienced GMs to your
convention.  We host dynamic events tailored to match each convention that our Texicon Strike Team attends.  Our Strike
Team attempts to have the optimum number of people for each game so that your attendees will have the best gaming
experience possible.  This includes stepping out of a game when your people want to join.  In this way, with our Strike Team
playing and stepping out when new players want to join, we can increase your player’s enjoyment of each game.  By providing
an optimum number of people for a particular, we can ensure this.

The Strike Team also helps your GMs by joining games that need players.  Because our Strike Team members are fully
versed in all games and gaming genres, they are fully capable of participating in any game or game format, and they do so will
an enthusiasm to matches the best of players’ zeal.

The PR system
If your convention needs assistance in getting the word out about an event or your Con, let our professional PR system take
charge.  But, don’t just rely on our PR system.  You too will have to get the word out.  With both of us working at letting
everyone know about your game convention or a particular game at your convention , we can have a positive impact on your
attendance numbers.

In conclusion
All this combines to provide your attendees with a greater and more fulfilling experience.  We may also be able to offer
Seminars on specific topics.   Requirements: free entrance to the convention for all of our Strike Team members, table(s) for
our team to host events, set table numbering system.  Table location and designation must include a fixed labeling system.
Some conventions do not assign GMs specific tables.  We are sorry, but our Strike Team will not be able to attend your
convention if you have a “First come” table system.   
Contact us today for help with your game convention.

Please note: we must be contacted at least 3 months prior to your convention if we are to assist you properly.

Game Masters
Texicon’s Strike Team can help GMs provide a better gaming experience.  If, as a GM, you find yourself in need of an
assistant GM, if you would like a few extra players for a day,  or if you have a special game that needs extra players to make it
memorable, then Texicon’s Strike Team can help.  We will need plenty of lead time to bring our GMs to you.  This means that
planning and forethought are required.

The PR system
Is your game at a game store, or the local coffee shop but you would like more players, then try Texicon’s PR system.  We can
help you get the word out so your player base increases.  Do you have a special event that you are hosting and want help
letting the gaming community know about it, then contact us and we can help spread the word.  Are you running a game at a
game convention and want to let people know about it, we can help.  Please note: even though you hire our PR system to
help you spread the word, as a GM, you are also responsible for spreading the word.  But, together Texicon’s PR system and
you can make it happen.  
Contact us today.

Please note: we need at least 3 weeks notice to arrange for our Strike Team to join you.  The GM will also have to provide all
of the necessary material and information to a Strike Team member if he is going to be an assistant GM.  Our PR system
needs at least one month to have a great impact, but we can do a PR blast just a few days before the event.  Keep in mind
that the longer our PR system can do its job, the better the results will be.

Tournament Organizers
Do you need assistance in running or organizing your tournament?  Then, Texicon’s Strike Team can help.  Our GMs are fully
versed in all games and game formats.  Moreover, because they are so experienced, they can be brought up to speed rapidly
for any system with which they are not familiar.  They can also act as NPCs if one of your attendees needs someone to play
against or if your Role-Play Game needs extra characters.  You will, of course, have to provide the Strike Team members with
the proper equipment to do so, including rule books, game notes, character notes, etc..

PR system
Are you running a tournament, but need to make sure to get the word out?  We can assist you.  Contact us today and get our
RP system geared up and working for you.  We are ready to help spread the word about your up and coming tournament.
Contact us today.

Please note: we need at least 3 weeks notice to arrange for our Strike Team to join you.  The tournament organizer will also
have to provide all of the necessary material and information to a Strike Team member if he is going to be an assistant.  Our
PR system needs at least one month to have a great impact, but we can do a PR blast just a few days before the tournament.
Keep in mind that the longer our PR system can do its job, the better the results will be.

Create a unique experience to your corporate gathering by hiring Texicon’s Strike Team.  We will bring a fun gaming
experience to your parties and gatherings.  Some games allow your employees to participate as a group, thus helping them to
build their team skills.  Other games create a story line for them to participate in.  This helps your employees to develop their
imagination and critical thinking skills.  Some games simply provide your employees an opportunity to test their competitive
skills.  Regardless of what games are played and offered the Texicon Strike Team brings a unique experience to your
corporate party or gathering.  We can tailor the games we host to fit the skill set you are trying to build in your employees.
Whether it is team skills, imagination, out-side-of-the-box thinking, analysis, communication or any other skill, Texicon can
ensure a platform that grows and strengthens those skills.  Please inform us of the skill sets you want your employees to
improve and we can host games that will do that.  We also create fun.  So, whether you are trying to improve your employees’
skills or you just want to have a fun time, Texicon’s Strike Team can do this for your event.   
Contact us today for pricing and