June 15, 2016: Tournament Registration is now closed!

Registration Opens Friday 24 June 2016 at 10:00 a.m.

We look forward to seeing you at the show.

General Convention Prices are:
Full Convention & Tournaments
(Bolt Action, Infinity, X-Wing, & Warmachine): $50.00
Day Pass & Friday Only Infinity Tournament:       $30.00
Sunday Pass:                                                         $20.00
Ticket Book (13 years and younger):                    $20.00
Sometimes we have the opportunity to offer the community a place to test their gaming skills, in the form of a Tournament.
The specifics of each will be listed below.  If you have any questions regarding one of our Tournaments please feel free to
contact us or the parties listed in the Tournament’s information.
There are four types of tournaments that occur at Texicon.
Company Sponsored: a company may purchase one of Texicon’s rooms to use for its tournament.   When a company sponsors a tournament, it can use the
room to meet any of its goals, such as selling product, charging a fee, pod casting, video feeds, award ceremonies, or anything else that company needs.  All
participants will be issued a Texicon Tournament badge that they must wear at all times.  Some Company Sponsored Tournament badges may need to be
upgraded to allow entry to the rest of Texicon’s events, while others may automatically allow entry to the rest of Texicon.  The descriptions and details of each
Company Sponsored tournament will contain all the details and relevant information for its participants.  Contact us at [email protected] for more
Texicon Hosted: from time to time, Texicon may decide to host a tournament.  Each such type tournament may vary in scope, design, intent, and overall
goals.  All participants are required to purchase a Tournament Badge that they must wear at all times.  Some badges may need to be upgraded to allow for
entry to the rest of Texicon’s events.  Each Texicon Hosted tournament will be different. See this page for more details about a specific Texicon Hosted

Private Guarantee Tournament: this type of tournament is sponsored by an individual who wants to host a tournament.  There is no cost to the individual
for this type of tournament.  He will be given up to four tables (6’X3′) for his tournament.  His tournament will be found on this page.  The tournament must be
set-up four months prior to the date of Texicon.  His players must purchase their entry through the link provided in his tournament description.  Private
Guarantee tournament attendees will be given a tournament badge that they must wear at all times.  Their pass may have to be upgraded to allow for entry to
Texicon’s other events (Usually, Private Guarantee tournament attendees will automatically have access to Texicon’s other events).  It may also be upgraded
to a Full Con Pass if the tournament only lasts one day.  A Private Guarantee Tournament must be sold out (i.e. fully attended) by the first day of the fourth
month prior to Texicon.  If it is not, then the Private Guarantee tournament will be canceled. Private Guarantee Tournament style can also be used for larger
tournaments when Texicon deems a pre-reg limit must be met in order to have the tournament occur. Large Grand Tournaments would be an example of this.

Individual Sponsored: this type of tournament is for small tournaments requiring one or two tables.  A person simply contacts us at [email protected] to
arrange an Individual Sponsored tournament.  There is a hosting fee that is not refundable after the first day of the fourth month prior to Texicon.