Texicon 2016 Vendors

Beginning this year Texicon is opening it’s own store
inside the convention. We are doing this because of the
new way in which we are working with game

Each year we will invite game manufacturers to join us
(either in person or by having their demo team participate).
They will be given a table to host their games on. You will
be able to purchase a copy, while supplies last, of the
games they are running/demoing at their table.

This year we will be offering you games from: iello, AEG, and more.

Also, each year game companies that don’t have a demo team, or an organized play department give us games for
our local GMs to host. That program can be found under the
Game Master tab on the left. When those games are
hosted at Texicon we also bring them into the Texicon store, when we can obtain them from our Distributor.

Please support the great companies that send their Demo Team/Approved Play volunteers, and the manufacturers
that supply us with great games for our local GMs to host, by visiting the Texicon Store and picking up a copy of
their game.

Thank ya’ll,