Texicon’s Premier GMs

Texicon celebrates those GMs who work hard during the convention and who uphold the concepts, values, and
mission of Texicon. This is the Premier GM page. Here you will find the biographies of all of Texicon’s Premiere

Premier GMs can be found in all three areas of gaming i.e. Role-Play, Board games, and Miniatures.

Each Premier GM is only able to assist you in his area of gaming. Thus, if you have a Role-Play question or
comment or anything else for that matter you can go to not only the Con Staff and/ or the Magnate, but now you
will be able to turn to a GM. Not just a regular GM but a
Premier GM!

Both attendees and GMs will be able to turn to them for questions, help, and to give comments about anything
occurring at Texicon.  Also, only Premier GMs can run back to back events with no questions asked. This Texicon
policy will help ensure all GMs are fresh and ready to game.