Specialist GMs

A Specialist GM is a GM who focuses his efforts on either a single game line or a single manufacturer.

These GMs, because of their dedication to that game line or Manufacturer, are experts in the games they run.
Every nuance and variant for each game has been tried. Alternate rules and supplements have been incorporated
into their games. Any bit of literature written about these games, the Specialist GM knows by heart. These
extra-ordinary game masters have delved into the very depths of each game. Often, knowing the game mechanics
and engine better than the developers or owners. We challenge them to know more and be better GMs than those
who we call Specialist GM.

Texicon celebrates their dedication to the game lines they run and promote. It is their dedication to these games
that makes them some of the best GMs to be found. Texicon also knows that there can be GMs who also specialize
in a game line or Manufacturer, but aren’t really as well versed in the game or aren’t as welcoming as they should
be. It is because of this, we select only the finest of them and ask those who deserve it if they would like to
become a Texicon Specialist GM. The Specialist GMs found on this page are of such a caliber. We do not ask
lightly. Only the very best can call themselves Texicon Specialist GMs.

Below, you will find such GMs. We will list them in order by the Manufacturer or game system they run. For
instance, a Board Game Specialist GM, would have to be listed by Manufacturer, while a Miniaturist Specialist GM
would be listed by game system or Rule set. In any case, the order in which they appear IS NOT indicative in any
way, shape, or form of their ranking or status. All of them are equally as good in their area of specialization.
Texicon urges all its attendees to try playing in a Specialist GM’s game, as the experience is one that should not
be missed.