Ravensword X-Wing Tournament

Step 1. Please don’t sign-up for any Ravesword X-Wing Tournament/Event until you have paid
for your Texicon badge (below). If you do it may prevent you from being able to participate in
the Tournament as there are only 70 seats available. Pre-registration takes precedence over
onsite registration.

Step 2. Purchase a RavenSword X-Wing Tournament badge on the Texicon web site to pre-
register, alternately you may purchase a badge at the door. Onsite registration does not
guarantee a seat in the tournament as seating is limited. To purchase your Ravensword X-
Wing Tournament Badge please scroll down to the section below entitled “Purchase a
Ravensword X-Wing Tournament Badge”. After purchasing your badge please return to Step 3
of Pre-Registration.

Step 3. After buying your ticket please head to http://ravensword.org to register with
Ravensword for the tournament.

Step 4. Printed lists are acceptable, however you will still be required to fill out the Squad
Sheets for review. All cards must be on your person and made available for your opponents to
be reviewed and referenced at any time.

Step 4a. All players must use components in the Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) Original Core
Set / The Force Awakens Core Set. Players must also be responsible for bringing enough
Pegs, Tokens, Bases, Damage Deck, Dice, Range Rulers, Pilot Templates, Pilot Cards,
Upgrade Cards, and Ships.

Step 5. Show up at the Hurst Conference Center (see top of page for address) Friday at
9 a.m. at the Texicon Registration Desk to pick up your Texicon Badge. Please note: Your
Ravensword Tournament Badge allows you full access to Texicon. Should you wish to pre-reg
for events on days that you are not participating in the Ravensword X-Wing Tournament
please contact [email protected] to pre-reg for any event. Provide them with your name
and the Full Event Description you wish to pre-register for (eg. Subject line: Pre-Registration
for event. Body: Hello, My name is John Doe. I have purchased a Ravensword X-Wing
Tournament badge. I would like to pre-reg for the following games: Boardgame: Candy Land,
Saturday, Session 1. Miniatures Game: Hobbits Attack, Saturday, Session 2. And Role Playing
Game: My Little TieFighter, Saturday, Session 3.) and you will be registered for those events.
You will receive an email confirming your registration for those events (or that they are full and
asking you to select an alternate game). Alternately you may sign up the day of an event
using the Sign-Up Sheets located at the Texicon Registration area.

Step 6. Bring a towel, you never know when you need one.

Step 7. After picking up your Texicon Badge please proceed to the Ravensword Tournament
Organizer Table (also located in the Foyer of the Conference Center). Friday and Sunday, by
10:00 a welcome and introduction to the event speech will be given by the Ravensword

Step 7a. Pick up your X-Wing Squad Sheets at the Ravensword Tournament Organizer Table.

Step 8. Assignments will be posted. Report to assigned table.

8a. Policy: You may not leave your table unless your opponent agrees to your absence.
Please notify a Ravensword Organizer, Marshall or Judge that you are leaving the table.

Step 9. Finishing a round. When one opponent destroys the other opponent’s ships, an
opponent concedes, or the round went to time (75 min.): Each player will then fill out their own
“Kill Sheet” and return it to the Organizer’s Table.

Step 9a. Re-assignment: After finishing your round: Your points will be tracked by Cryodex,
which is a round tracking program. The Tournament Organizer will input the information from
your Kill Sheet into the
Cryodex so that your wins/losses can be tracked for the tournament.

Note: Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Inappropriate behavior may result in removal
from the Ravensword X-Wing tournament (as deemed appropriate by the Tournament
Organizer). Removal from the tournament does not remove you from the Texicon Convention.
Your removal from the Ravensword X-Wing Tournament for inappropriate behavior will be
reported to FFG via email.

Step 10. Repeat Step 7a – 9a until the end of Tournament day.

Note: There will be Six Swiss Rounds on Friday, and then we will cut to the top 8 for Sunday’s event. Sunday’s
event will consist of 4 rounds. The first 3 rounds are final elimination rounds. The 4th round
proceeds until a final victor is determined or Convention Closing Time (5:30 p.m.) is met.

Prize Support has been graciously provided by Fantasy Flight Games and Ravensword.
This tournament will be Tiered as Formal.

Step 11. “I dunno Fly Casual” – Han Solo