After spending hours alone facing his screen, the player thinks it might be time to move to a higher level of the game. It’s hard to get through that backwater that calls for new players every day. Some qualities are required to become a pro gamer and the first is to know the style of play on which one excels..

In Esport, in solo or multi mode, many games are likely to become the hunting ground for the best players in the Esportive scene

If you also want to try your luck, or even make a living by making a career in esport, here is an overview of the most popular games in the field of electronic sport.

Moba and FPS

They are among the most played and most remunerative games for a professional player. Mostly played as a team.

MOBAs require teamwork skills, advanced analytical and strategy skills, and good team cohesion.

The game you have to try in the Moba world is called League of Legends. Thanks to several game modes, these arenas are the scene of fierce battles between teams.

LoL is the most played game on the Esport stage worldwide. You will discover a particular universe, filled with invocators and magical objects that give a new breath. There are many strategic twists and turns.

SPFs require teamwork skills, Jedi reflexes and good communication to bring down enemies.

Counter Strike is the reference for the pro player who wants to try to fight his enemies without mercy. Thanks to very fast cards and play times, the tension is at its peak in each round. Some subtleties allow players to appreciate the combat scenes differently.

The FPS is of course very well represented in sports competitions. Ideal if you’re tired of playing solo and have realized that sometimes sharing your assets with others can allow you to spray your opponents.

The RTS or real time strategy

Despite the explosion of FPS, some gamers feel more comfortable with strategy games alone. Mainly available on PC, these games require patience and an unavoidable sense of calculation.

The RTS offer a way of playing where the management of resources, characters and structures to be built must be optimized. Thanks to quick handling and successful suites, StarCraft 2 is the interesting game to start with. Simple at first, the clever strategist will quickly understand that to win, he must not make a mistake.

If the future pro gamer you are doesn’t want to invest too much money and thinking, he will find in the game Halo Wars a good alternative to start.

Considered as a simple RTS (perhaps too simple for some), it nevertheless offers the advantage of being very quickly playable. As the name suggests, war games fans will find their mark here. In addition, it is one of the few games available on a console and not on a PC. So run along and give yourself a second-hand version to take the first step and see if you have any esport potential.

Football and cards

Let’s be clear, he’s not really the star of competitions but you never know what the future holds. If you are not a fan of fighting, rocket fire and car racing, you may have to test new ways.

So we couldn’t miss the card games. No, this is not a joke. It is a strategy, despite appearances.

In this area, HearthStone is the reference game. Warcraft fans will recognize the world of Cards. So if you want to start to complete your decks, it’s time to try this Free to Play that could bring you its share of surprises.

After putting away your little cards, it’s time to take a breath of fresh air and unwind on the grass. we’re not talking about a picnic, we’re talking about football! If only one game deserves to be interested in the ball game, it is FIFA. It is almost impossible not to have heard about it and more and more gamer competitions are staging it.

Put away your shorts and your crampons and take control of the controller to give your team victory. Once again, strategy is at the heart of the game.

Football skills are not necessary, but they enable the ball to be controlled more quickly. Online, the future pro will have no difficulty in training because many fans are running around the clock behind their screens.


After putting on crampons, destroying towers and battling card players, it’s high time to fight.

Combat games have been around for so long, and for good reason. Taking yourself for the best of fighters is a dream rarely achieved in real life or one goes easily through the jail box.

So we couldn’t miss the fighting games.

You may have already tried hard to memorize the combos to remember on multiple games. Mode esport, it will be essential to reach an acceptable level. The StreetFighter license is no exception. This is one of the most experienced Games in competition.

For the funnier but equally intense side, you can always test yourself on the side of Nintendo and its characters on Super Smash Bros. Here again, combos and strategy will allow you to take down one to one your opponents.

To finish

More and more games allow outstanding players to earn their living and be subsidized by sponsors.

We have given you some leads to find the game (s) that will lead you to glory.

However, you have to be really persistent and not be afraid to see the counter of your game hours increase. So to your keyboards, to your controllers and meet in a few months to find out if you are one of the best!