Steps to Becoming a Pro-Gamer

Becoming Pro-Gamer and making a living playing online video games is the dream of all video game fans! Being paid to play video games all day, however, requires a certain amount of training and determination. But then how to become a professional player? We give you the essential information to know before you start and some keys to achieve your ultimate goal!

Practicing E-Sport All Day Requires Specific Skills and Knowledge

League of Legends, StarCraft II, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, World of Warcraft: here are some references from the field who know many followers around the world. But becoming a professional player is not just a game of fun. To acquire this status, it is essential to train from 35 to 50 hours per week, at least, on a single game. It is no longer a leisure activity, but a full-time business is requiring concentration and determination. Like football or rugby players, professional video game players are now trained and supervised to win the games in world tournaments that are organized between the different teams.

The financial stakes are enormous today! At a 2014 League of Legends tournament in Seattle, USA, the prize awarded to the winners was as much as € 11 million. The most prominent pro players attract covetousness and also have sponsors. They devote their entire lives to video games. This is what is called the Esport, or electronic sport. The main qualities of a pro automatic sports player are knowledge and speed.

The very sharp and precise knowledge of the games, their strategies and their combinations of actions represents about 50% of the work of a good pro-gamer. Once the experience has been acquired and integrated, the rest of the work is to improve its capacity for reflection and execution. The mind, as well as the eye and hand, must be sharp! A good player has to make decisions very quickly and execute them just as fast with his mouse. Efficiency and speed are the watchwords of a seasoned player!

Becoming Pro-Gamer Gradually

From hesitant beginnings in a video game to the creation of its communication content, through integration in teams, the path to the pro-gamer business can be fraught with difficulties.

Discover Our Detailed Guide on the Training of a Pro-Gamer

To become a pro-gamer, you have to find your favorite game and play it assiduously, for long hours. We must, therefore, concentrate on one game and not disperse. Devote all your time to it. Store as many hours of play and outside information as you can to improve your play. This is where the knowledge of the chosen game universe begins and will allow you to become an outstanding player.

You will also need to develop memory, anticipation, and reflexes that will make a difference with other amateur players. These beginnings can be tedious. To achieve your goal, you must keep your motivation and determination intact.

After this personal training, you can consider joining a team, if your level allows. Watching more experienced players, benefiting from their know-how and guidance can and should help you progress faster. Successful integration into a team is essential for future visibility and visibility. Then expand your knowledge and make yourself known in the video game world. To do this, don’t hesitate to participate in tournaments to start preparing yourself known to influential people.

Making a Name for Yourself Is Essential for the Future.

Attending events will have beneficial effects on your future ascension! You can train with more experienced players and gain experience very quickly while expanding your list of knowledge and contacts in the e-sport community. Once some tournaments are won, you can start developing your image on social media. You are no longer an unknown total in the e-sport world and therefore have an interest in creating your streaming channel, Twitter account, etc.

You can thus hope to develop a fan base that will give you some credibility. Communicating about your game is paramount. Stream your training sessions regularly to keep your fans. To attract more people to your videos, don’t hesitate to let them share with humor your powerful moments during the tournaments, slide anecdotes. Get the sympathy to attract as many people as possible to your video shares! However, think of a gamer’s career as short because your game is destined to disappear one day or the other. Think about your conversion so that you don’t find yourself on the edge of things very quickly.

Different Sources of Income

Pro-Gamer benefits from very diverse and often, unfortunately, fluctuating sources of revenue. To be considered a professional player, you must first get a fixed salary that is regulated by law. This salary comes either from his sponsor or from his team. A pro-gamer practicing e-sport, therefore, benefits from support through its structure; material assistance is provided (equipment, clothing, etc.), but it also helps from administrative assistance when traveling to play tournaments, etc.

Finding a sponsor can be very important to improve your salary. In France, the sponsors still rely little on the players of Esport because there is still a lack of knowledge of this environment. To apply for sponsorship, you must have an active fan community and have high visibility in the online game world. You need to update and fine-tune your YouTube channel, Twitter and your specialized blogs. Communicating and sharing as much of its links as possible is therefore essential to attract potential sponsors.

Indeed, the world of Pro-Gaming is changing very fast, and it is vital to think about what you will do after your Pro-gaming career. If you are in your element and that video games, E-Sport is your passions, make it your new main activity, comment on the matches, make articles on the world of E-Sport or propose your services of a specialist in Pro-Gaming during competitions and meetings. Your image has become essential to a community, and if you are lucky, it will follow as long as you make it dream or bring it exciting content to them.