3 easy steps to register for the Warmachine Tournament:

1. Go to www.apolloharden.com/Texicon for tournament
information. Please don’t sign-up for events until you have
paid for your Texicon badge (below). It may prevent you from
being able to participate in the Tournament.
2. Pay for your badge via paypal or check/money order (below).
3. And finally. Now that you have paid for a Texicon badge
pick the Warmachine events you
want to participate in.

2016 Warmachine Tournament payment information:

National Qualifier Ticket Price: $50.  Anyone attending the 2016 War Machine National Qualifier Tournament may also go to any of
the events at Texicon.
 Attendees may purchase their badges at the door; however, registration in advance via PayPal or money
order is required to secure a player slot in the Tournament. Tournament pre-registration will close on June 1, 2016.  
Slots for the
tournament are limited so register as soon as possible.
 Please enter “War Machine National Qualifier 2016 Tournament” in the notes
section on the PayPal payment. Then, send an email to:
[email protected] so he can give you instructions and enter you
on the tournament list.