To our potential advertisers:

Texicon reaches out to hundreds of gamers and game stores in the South and South West regions of the U.S..
When you advertise with us, our clients become yours, This includes our outreach programs both in print and in
social media.

Last year, our convention attendees were greeted by ads in our program sponsored by many great game
companies. As a rule, we focus on hosting their games, where able, as way to introduce the gaming community
to their specific products. If you advertise with us, as a manufacturer of games, this is a perfect way for your
product to get demoed and given away.  Should you have a Demo Team, we will work with you to make it
happen.  Please note: all Game Manufacturers are limited to 1 game per day via a demo team.  Only vendors,
who purchase a vendor table or vendor booth have the ability to demo product non-stop during the convention.
They do this at their vendor booths or vendor tables.

This year we’re streamlining our advertising by offering Packages for you to choose. Below, you will find the list
of the advertisement packages and options available. Since you’ll want to reach out to the gaming population of
this region, I know you’ll want to take advantage of. Please contact me with the package or option that suit your
company needs and we’ll handle the arrangements.  Moreover, if you don’t see something that specifically
targets your customers, Karl will be happy to tailor something that fits your company needs and budget.

Advertising Packages:

Reach out to the community by being included in our Program and have them notice your company
throughout the entire convention. That’s right, your ad will be placed in our program and we’ll hang
one poster in the appropriate game hall. We’ll accept 20 posters from you—hang one in the
appropriate hall, and maintain that poster’s visual appeal. All posters will be given out at the end of
the convention. Program ad needs to be black and white, print ready and 1/2 page (~4×6). The best
part is that this is a very cost effective way to reach out to the gamers.
Package 1:
Program & Poster: $250.00 MSRP Trade or $85.00 Payment Option
Package 2:
Poster and Flier table: $20.00 (Payment option only)
You send us 20 posters. We place one of them up in the appropriate game hall and maintain that poster’s
good looking quality. You also send us your fliers, amount is determined by you. We place 50 of them on
the flier table and make sure that the stock doesn’t run out. We’ll also occasionally hand them out as we
walk around.
Package 3:
Combines Program, Poster, and Flier table: $300.00 MSRP Trade or $100.00 payment option.
When you choose package 3 you make the most of your advertising dollars at Texicon by combining all
three visual avenues, during the convention. Your 1/2 page ad will be placed in the section of the program
that will best reach your type of gamer, and we’ll hang and monitor your poster, and finally we’ll accept
fliers (or similar) advertisements, and make sure they are strategically placed on our flier table.
Package 4-Website Plus:
There are three options under this category, in all cases we’ll accept your graphic and display it on the
Texicon website. It will remain on the website at least until the date of the convention. It may remain, at
Texicon’s discretion, on our website after the date of the convention.  Image size may be up to 4″x4″.
The image will be resized as needed to fit the website requirements.
Option A: Website advertising plus poster hanging (see Package 2 for poster hanging details). $180.00
MSRP Trade or $60.00 payment option.
Option B: Website advertising plus 1/4 page ad in the Texicon program. Ad must be Black and White jpg or
gif file. $250.00 MSRP Trade or $90.00 payment option.
Option C: Website advertising plus 1/2 page ad in the Texicon program and flier table display. $300.00 MSRP
Trade or $125.00 Payment option.
Package 5: Texicon T-Shirt: $150.00
Imagine millions of people walking around with your advertisement on their shirts. We’ll accept your
company’s logo and include it on the back of the Texicon T-Shirt under the “Texicon is proudly
sponsored by” printing. This is a great opportunity to show your support for Texicon, and get your
name seen by gamers. With this option you’ll also receive a free B&W 1/4 page ad in the Texicon
Those packages are great but you’re thinking “Hey… I need something different!” and that’s great too because we
also offer other types of advertising.Texicon Advertising Options
Texicon offers several individual types of advertising options to meet your specific needs. Should you find that
none of these are quite what you’re looking for just contact Karl Pajak at [email protected] for assistance and he’ll be
happy to work with you to find something that fits what you’re looking for.

Poster Hanging Fee: $20.00 (Payment only)
Send to us twenty of your posters and we’ll hang them in the appropriate gaming hall (Miniatures, Role
Playing, or Board Games). This offers the gamers a chance to see products that they may typically
overlook. We can not return the posters. However, we will ensure that if a rip or tear occurs, the poster will
be replaced from the stock you’ve sent. At the end of the convention, the posters will be given away to the
attendees.  We will make every attempt to distribute them in a fun way that also energizes the attendees
who played games from your company.
Bag Instert: $200.00 (Payment only)
Put your ad or information in the hands of each convention attendee. We will include in every convention
bag whatever you’d like to include. Maximum dimension for the insertion is 8.5×11. If you’d like to include
something large than this dimension please contact us directly to see if it’s something we can
Convention Badge: (Payment only)
Back of badge, $100.00. Think of it, thousands… ok hundreds, of convention attendees walking around with
your customized, full color, advertisement on the back of their badge. It’s a great way to get your logo, ad,
website, or specific game in front of every gamer at the convention.
Convention Badge Sponsorship $300.00: Your graphic, or advertisement, featured as the convention badge.
Just think of it, every badge at the convention proudly displaying your information for millions… ok
hundreds, of convention attendees. The badge must have a place for the attendees name and a place for
the type of badge (Full Convention or Day Pass). If you need our artist’s services to design the logo or
badge we’re happy to offer his services at a rate of $250.00 per design (image copy right ownership
maintained by artist).
Pencils with your logo or advertisement:
Pencils are a great way to get your logo or game company in front of the gamer. The color will match the
convention focus for the year. When requesting this please type exactly what you would like on the pencil.
These pencils will be given out with every paid convention pass.Description of pencils:
Hexagon Pencils, First Quality, Standard #2 Lead Stamped Foil Imprint, 1-3 Imprint lines, 40 letters & spaces
maximum per line.

Text lines will be centered, CAPITAL letters recommended
Option 1: 144 Pencils. Cost: $55.00 (Payment only)
These will be given out first to pre-registration attendees. This affordable option targets people who are
focused on gaming and having a great time. Pre-registrants are typically more involved in the local
community. This makes them the perfect audience for this form of advertising.
Option 2: 720 Pencils: Cost: $125.00 (Payment only)
If 144 pencils are a good way to advertise then 720 is even better. These custom pencils will be given out to
each registrant and also made available at the registration desk for anyone to pick up. Any left over pencils
will be given out the following year. (We doubt there will be—heck who wouldn’t want a pencil touting their
favorite game?)

Program Advertisement (Page size: 8.5×11):
Texicon’s program is designed to be entertaining and informative. The program not only includes event
times and descriptions it also includes articles and fun facts for the gaming community. Including your ad in
the program offers you the ability to be placed in the section that pertains to a specific game type or
randomly within the pages of the program. The cost of placing your ad in the program varies depending on
the size.Full page ad: $100.00
Half page ad: $75.00
1/4.. page ad: $50.00

All Product Exchanges are used as give away items. They will not be auctioned or sold. Texicon may, at its
discretion, use the product to host an event and then give away said product to one of the participants.