About Us

The idea for Texicon came at Anime Fest on August 30, 2008.  The brothers Kevin and Karl decided it was time to
bring to Fort Worth a true game convention.  Not only would this bring game stores the support they lacked, but it
would also create a place for the gaming community to meet and test their skills in tournaments.  Now, players
from across Texas, and other states, can meet and test their mettle.

Game Types

Texicon supports all three sections of gaming: Miniatures, Role-Playing, and Board gaming.  Each year Texicon
will focus on a specific section.  In 2010 we opened our first convention, and “kicked off” the con with Miniature
Gaming.  Each year we will rotate through the three game types: Miniatures, Role Playing, and then Board Games.
Circling back to Miniatures.

We believe that having a place where multiple games occur will allow players to try games that they might not
normally play, while allowing our players to also play those games they love.  Our Game Masters and Referees
are excited at the prospect of teaching people to play new games.

Texicon also hosts seminars that focus on every aspect of gaming.  In these seminars, experts will speak about
various aspects of games and gaming.  Some speakers will be seasoned gamers, others will be industry

We hope you will be brave enough to try a new game.

Mission Statment

Texicon seeks to support:  game manufacturers, those game stores that are friendly and welcoming to all gamers
and game types, and gamers who are they themselves welcoming and inviting to all people.  It will do this by
providing a friendly and fun atmosphere for everyone to interact, which will allow the gaming community to
become enriched and grow.

Convention Policies

All attendees must remember that we could be sharing the convention space, and our preferred hotel, with other
people.  Respectful and adult behavior is required in all areas of the Hotel.  Any participant who does not act
appropriately will lose his convention privileges and will be asked to leave.  If you lose your convention privileges
your money will not be refunded.  You must act in accordance with hotel policy at all times.

Community Support

Texicon: links players together who do not normally have a chance to meet, allows gamers to make new friends,
and allows players to challenge their gaming skills.  Each year players participate in great games.  We award
game type (Miniatures, Role Playing, and Board Games) winners with a trophy.

Players in each section will be judged on: strength of competition, sportsmanship, and fellowship, and how much
fun you had.  There will be an overall winner from Miniatures, Role Playing, and Board Games.  Each winner are
awarded that section’s “medal of honor”.  There could also be a convention winner, an attendee who has
participated in all three sections of gaming.  A participant must have won at least one game in each section of
gaming (i.e. Board gaming, Miniatures, and Role-Play). Competitors scores will be compared, and the person with
the highest score will be judged the convention winner and will be awarded the highly revered Kronos.

The four winners would receive free admittance to the following Texicon convention.

At least this is our vision and hopefully it will come true someday.